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2011 is 1432 in the Muslim (Islamic) Calendar

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Q: What year is this in the Muslim calendar?
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Why does the Muslim calendar begin with the year of the hijrah?

The Muslim calendar begins with the year of the Hijra because that was when it was made.

What year is it on the Muslim calander?

It is the year 1433 on Muslim Lunar Calendar.

What year in the christian calendar corresponds to the Muslim year 1?

622 AD in the Christian Calendar makes the Muslim year 1.

What year was the Muslim calendar created?

The first year of the Muslim calender is 622 A.D.

What year is it today in the Muslim calendar?


How many days are in the Muslim calendar?

The Muslim calendar contains either 354 or 355 days depending on the year.

What would be year 2007 on Muslim calendar?

It was 1428 & 1429 Hijari ( Muslim calender year).

What does the first year of the Muslim calendar mean?

The first year of the Muslim calendar means, the time in which Prophet Muhammad (SAW) left Mecca to Medina.

What is the first year on the muslim calendar?

Muharram _____________________ The answer above is the first month in the Islamic calendar not the first year. The first year in Muslim Calendar is the year of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) immigration from Makkah (or Mecca) to Medina on year 622 AD

What year is it in the muslim calendar?

1432. It will change to 1433 in November of this year.2011 = 1432 in Muslim calender

Why doesn't Ramadan fall at the same time every year?

The Muslim calendar is based on the lunar calendar and it does not have any leap years. The Lunar calendar is shorter than the Solar calendar and therefore the Muslim calendar falls out at a different point in the Solar calendar every year.

The first year of the Muslim calendar marks the?

Muhammad's departure to Yathrib is known as the Hijrah. The year the Hijrah took place marks the begining of the Islamic era and is recognized as the first year of the Muslim calendar.

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