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1982 was the last year for 95%-copper pennies. And the first year for the zinc pennies. They made both types that year, and the only way to tell them apart is by weight -- the zinc pennies are lighter.

Answer100% copper pennies were last minted by the US in 1857. These were large cents, about the size of the "golden" dollar coins. The Flying Eagle and Indian Cents from 1856 to 1864 were 88% copper and 12% nickel. Beginning in 1864 Indian Cents, and later Lincoln Cents, were minted in 95% copper and 5% tin, technically this is bronze.


Another way to tell the copper penny from the copper coated zinc penny is when a penny is dropped on a hard surface the copper penny will have a ringing sound, the zinc penny will not ring.

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Q: What year were full copper pennies no longer made?
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What year was full copper pennies were last made?


What was the year pennies were made of pure copper?

Pennies were made out of pure copper from 1793-1857. Today, pennies are mostly made of zinc but coated with copper.

Can copper pennies rust?

Copper corrodes, things made of iron rust. Copper can corrode, but it takes longer than it does for iron to rust.

What metals are in pennies?

Older pennies were made of copper. Newer ones are made of zinc coated with copper.

How much of a penny is made from copper?

Pennies are made of zinc coated with copper.

What are Canadian pennies made of?

Prior to 2001 pennies were made from copper, or a copper-nickel alloy; since 2001 they have been made of copper plated steel.

What element of the periodic table are pennies made out of?

Older pennies were made from about 97% copper and 3% zinc. Today, pennies are made from about 97% zinc and 3% copper.

How does pennies get rusted?

Pennies are made of zinc and other alloys with a copper coating, pennies made before 1964(or around this year) they were made of just copper. What you see on a penny is not rust but corrosion of the copper coating.

What can be made out of copper?


What are 2004 pennies made of?

Pennies produced in 2004 were made from copper-plated zinc. Pennies with 95% copper metal have not been produced since 1982.

Are pennies made mostly of zinc or copper?


What are US pennies made from?

Pennies are zinc, but they are copper plated.

What penny's were made out of?

Pennies were made of copper

When did pennies stop being all copper?

1860 The last copper pennies were made in England, and the same year the first bronze pennies were made.

What element is in pennies?

Currently pennies are made of copper-clad zinc since 1982. Before that, the pennies were made of pure copper. The government switched from using mostly copper element because of the high cost.

Do new pennies still have copper in them?

pennies these days are not completely made of copper they are just dipped in copper giving them that finished look

What are you S Pennies made of?

Pennies today are made of 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper.

What are pennies made of today?


What is US pennies made of?



mostly made out of copper

Why do quarters conduct electricity better than pennies?

quarters are made of steel, and pennies are made of copper. Copper doesn't conduct electricity

How many copper pennys were made in 1943?

There are no exact records of the number of copper pennies made in 1943. It was about 40. Most pennies that year were made of steel.

Are all wheat pennies made of steel?

No, most wheat pennies are made of copper. Only the 1943 pennies were made from zinc coated steel. There were about 40 made from copper in 1943 and they bring up to $82,000 each!

What are pennies used to be made of?

Pennies are made up of 97% zinc, and 3% copper. All though this seems unbelievable, it is true. Earlier in History, pennies were made up of jut copper, but that got too expensive, so the U.S government changed the pennies material, to Zinc, and copper.

What is pipes and wires made of and pennies?

The metal copper- however, US pennies are now copper plated zinc.

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