What's an analog or digital fax?

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analog faxes are sent in the same principles of an analogue television, with each scanned line transmitted as a continuous analogue signal. horizontal resolution depended upon the quality of the scanner, transmission line, and the printer.

Digital faxes are digital formats, and take advantage of digital compression methods to greatly reduce transmission times.

To simplify it� it's like the quality difference in watching regular antenna tv versus digital cable. Digital is clearer.

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Q: What's an analog or digital fax?
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Whats the difference between analog and digital signal?

Analog signals are continuous while digital signals are discrete

How do broadcast fax programs work?

A broadcast fax, or sending a fax to multiple people at one time, works by using a fax server which functions as a gateway and converts digital files into analog.

Bryce, Fax machines ?

Bryce, Fax machines are analog devices and they way that they communicate requires an analog signal on the phone line. As you have recently upgraded to digital phone lines, the fax machine by itself will not work. You can contact Sprint to see if they will provide an adapter to allow the analog signal to work. Another alternative would be to purchase a digital fax machine. Thank you for your question. If you found this answer helpful, please click the Accept button!

How can you convert the digital to analog or analog to digital?

We can convert digital signal to analog by using DAC i.e Digital to Analog Converter and analog signal to digital signal by using ADC i.e Analog to Digital Converter.

What converts a message from digital to analog and analog to digital?

An DAC convert digital signal to analog signal i.e Digital to Analog Converter. An ADC convert analog signal to digital signal i.e Analog to Digital Converter.

Which device to convert digital signals to analog signal?

analog to digital convetrer The device that converts digital signals into analog is the digital-to analog converter.

Analog-to-digital conversion is better then digital to analog?


How is information transmitted?

by analog to digital,digital to analog signal

How information is transmitted?

by analog to digital,digital to analog signal

Is pcm converting an analog signal to a digital signal?

No, PCM is simply a digital representation of an analog signal. The actual analog to digital conversion is done by an analog-to-digital converter.

How analog instrument interfaced with a digital instrument?

Analog instrument are interface with digital instrument with the help of analog to digital converter(ADC).ADC converts analog signals to digital signals.

What is it called when you convert a digital signal to analog?

When you convert digital signal to analog, it is called as an analog signal. The device used is called digital to analog converter.

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