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Whats is the purpose for a car distributor and rotor?


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To send a spark the the proper spark plug at the proper time.

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Replace the spark plug wires, distributor cap and rotor.

On a car with a distributor: cap, rotor, plugs and wires On a car with coil packs: plugs and wires

If the distributor shaft has side to side play it is probably worn out. If the shaft has no play just replace the cap and rotor.

A vacuum leak nearby. Distributor shaft & bushings are worn and the rotor is clipping the distributor cap inside. Spark arking inside cap.

Typically a problem with the ignition timing. Possibly a bad rotor or distributor cap.

air pump on a car whats the purpose and do i need it to drive

If your car has a distributor: You probably got water inside the distributor cap. It may help to remove the cap and dry it. If you see any green stuff in there, the cap and rotor have corroded. You should replace the cap and rotor. To prevent this happening again, you should also replace the distributor cap gasket.

Faulty ignition wires, distributor cap and rotor could be to blame.

A cap and rotor diagram would show the structure of the rotor and distributor cap for a vehicle. These diagrams vary greatly depending on the type of vehicle. You can find these diagrams in Chilton's car repair manuals.?æ

If you are talking about the brake rotors that is what the brake pad make contact with to stop the car. If you are talking about the ignition rotor it is located inside the distributor cap.

make certain your rotor is turning as you try starting it.If you remove the distributor cap and watch your while someone turns the engine over your rotor should turn, if not, you might have a sheard pin on the distributor gear or a broken timing chain or belt.

I have a 1999 cr-v. With the distributor cap off you must slightly give the key a turn in the ignition (not trying to start it) just to turn the rotor a little. When the teeth on the rotor face the front end of the car you should be able to see a phillip's head screw on the back side that screws directly into the distributor shaft. Unscrew this and the rotor should slide right off. Be careful not to strip the screw, because you might end up having to take off the entire distributor housing to drill it out.

The distributor distributes the spark to the spark plugs at the correct time and order.

Wet ignition, mixed up firing order, faulty distributor cap and rotor, exhaust valve not functioning,

1-3-4-2 distributor rotor turns clockwise cylinder layout: 4 3 2 1 front of car

The coil generates the high voltage charge which is then distributed to the spark plugs by the rotor arm in the distributor cap.

the coil increases the electrical power from the battery before it is sent to the spark plug.

Possibly the distributor or the distributor rotor arm depends on the age of the car

1-3-2 distributor rotor turns counter-clockwise cylinder layout: 1 2 3 front of car

sumtimes in a moving car suddenly the car goes off.....if the car doesnt start again, of the reasons might b damage of rotor.. to start car again v need a rotor...

3 cylinders (Justy): 1-3-2 distributor rotor turns counter-clockwise 4 cylinders: (Loyale, XT) 1-3-2-4 distributor rotor turns counter-clockwise cylinder layout: 3 4 1 2 front of car 4 cylinders (Legacy) 1-3-2-4 distributor-less ignition coil pack terminal and cylinder layout: 3 4 1 2 front of car 6 cylinders (XT-6) 1-6-3-2-5-4 distributor rotor turns counter-clockwise cylinder layout: 5 6 3 4 1 2 front of car

There is more than one engine and firing order available for that car. Note the direction the distributor rotor turns while cranking. The correct firing order is cast into the intake manifold.

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