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How to treat them right.

Make her feel special- Pleasuring a girl is all about how you make her feel around you. The intensity of passion and pleasure is determined by the way you act and make her feel around you. The more special she feels in your company the greater pleasure she would experience out of it. Remember girls like love and want to be loved. Therefore learn to express love and tell her how much you love her and what she truly means to you.

Use sweet words- Girls get turned on more when they hear things as compared to them actually watching it. Girls love to hear sweet words about them and how you express your love towards them.

Share your fantasies- Girls love to fantasize and use their imagination for pleasure. Fantasizing is a powerful tool to pleasure a girl and get the best out of her. One of the best ways to really pleasure a girl is to share your fantasies with her and let her know what you are really thinking so that she can use her imagination and get more in tune with you. Therefore let your secret fantasies out and let her reveal the same to you in order to get the more pleasure possible in bed.

How NOT to treat a girl.

Start out by gently tugging at her pubic hair, if she goes for the bald eagle look, or she is not yet able to grow hair in that region, the hair on her head will be fine. The gentle pain will mingle with the pleasure she is feeling from excitement of getting intimate with you. This will really get her heated up. Once she is all warmed up, drive her wild by cooling her down by rubbing an ice cube over her labia. Next, take control. Don't hesitate to thrust your privates towards her mouth. She loves feeling like you are in charge and she will feel more excited by pleasuring you than if you were to pleasure her. when you are about to ejaculate force her to sit a short distance away from you with her mouth open, then proceed to ejaculate and attempt to aim it at her mouth. Don't worry if you miss, she will find this thrilling and love the sensation of your cum raining down on her. Now that you are finished, you probably don't feel like pleasuring her. Luckily for you, you don't have to. All women find getting their partners off the most exciting part of a sexual encounter. She will be so satisfied with the happy grin on your face that she will forget that you haven't yet reciprocated. After a few sexual sessions like this, your girl may begin to wonder when it will be her turn to be pleasured. Once she works up the courage to ask, and you satisfy her needs, she will realize that by waiting the anticipation has built up to a level where she will be sent into seizures of pleasure by the simple stroke of your hand over her genitals. This is the best way to pleasure a woman.

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Q: Whats the best thing to pleasure a girl?
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There are several ways to pleasure a girl, and different people also prefer different things. It would be impossible to determine a "best" way when discussing this subject.

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