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Whats the difference between 1994 2.3 dual spark plug and 1988 2.3?

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The difference is as follows; The 1988 Ford 2.3l came equipped with; -A cylinder head that housed a single spark plug per cylinder, and a "D" shaped intake port -A flat tappet camshaft -A distributor with Ford's TFI ignition system The 1994 Ford 2.3l dual plug came equipped with; -A cylinder head that housed 2 spark plugs per cylinder (both fire simultaneously in a typical "wasted spark" fashion), and a "swirl dam" intake port -A roller camshaft -Coil packs in place of the distributor, and a crankshaft position sensor housed inside the crankshaft pulley, commonly known as the "DIS" ignition system (distributorless ignition system) not to be confused with fords later "EDIS" system The switchover from single plug to dual plug 2.3l Fords were as follows; -1988 and older rangers are single plug -1989-1994 rangers are dual plug (1995-1998 2.3l dual plug rangers differ in many ways from the "early" dual plug engines) -1990 and older mustangs are single plug -1991-1993 mustangs are dual plug Note; 1989-1994 rangers & 1991-1993 mustangs share an identical engine for all practical purposes.

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