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There are three types of frozen foods. 1) food that is frozen slowly.

2) food that is flash frozen. This food is frozen faster to preserve the texture and best flavors, normally done to vegetables.

3) Snap frozen foods. This is any food dipped into liquid nitrogen. It is super cold and if you drop or bend the food, it will snap or shatter like glass.

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Q: Whats the difference between frozen food and snap frozen food?
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Is there a rule of thumb for measuring the difference between frozen and thawed food?

Yep - rule of thumb - if it is frozen it will take longer to cook.

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Frozen food is food that has been cooked and frozen the regular way. Snap frozen food usually applies to vegetables and is food that has been frozen very quickly. Freeze-dried food can be anything that has had moisture removed and is completely dry.

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Generally frozen food is more nutritional, but sometimes canned food has more nutrition (e.g. corn). This because the cooking involved in canning generally destroys more of the nutritional benefit, whereas freezing retains it better.

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What's the difference between food preservatives and processed food.

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previous answer is incorrect: 8oz is not equal to 1 cup-- there is a difference between fluid ounce weight and dry measurements! It depends on what food or liquid you are measuring as well!

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In my opinion Fresh Food beats frozen by a MILE.Fresh food does not have that frozen taste after you cook it.If fish, Yes, it is better frozen :)

What is the difference between fresh and frozen food?

The difference is that fresh food has just been harvested - or has gotten to market as quickly as possible after harvest - without being frozen or cooked. It might be minimally processed - as in packaged salad greens. Frozen food is just that - has been frozen after harvest. Now, if you are referring to the nutritional differences, vegetables start to lose nutritional value after harvesting. Frozen vegetables are generally processed right after harvesting and retain a lot of the original value. Sometimes it can be hard to tell just how long it has been since the 'fresh' veggies were harvested that are in your grocer's produce aisle. Make sure you purchase your fresh vegetables from vendors who have a lot of sales that result in frequent turnover of stock.

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get back to your science assessment

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get back to your science assessment

If chop meat was frozen then cooked can it be refrozen?

Food which has been cooked can be frozen, even if it was frozen prior to cooking. BUT Frozen food which has been thawed, but not cooked, should never be re-frozen. Nor should food which was cooked, frozen and thawed.