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Whats the differences between a salvage title and a custom title?


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A salvage title is compensation which is allowed to people for services rendered in saving life from a ship aircraft or preserving the life of cargo which is in danger from being lost at sea the assistance must be volountary and the salvors must have a retaining lien for their renumeration on the property saved A common title is a right of taking a part of any natural product of the land or water belonging to another person it may be made by grant or claimed by prescription or from the usual customs of the manor its an incorporeal hereditament and a profit a prendre the four principal rights of common are pasture which gives you the right to feed animals on the land of someone else piscary the right of fishing in the waters of someone else estovers tyhe right to cut wood from someone elses land turbary the right of digging turves on the soil of another.


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