Whats the earliest week in pregnancy that you can find out the gender of your baby?

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It's 15 weeks!
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What is the earliest a baby's gender can be detected?

my girlfriend's ultrasound showed we are having a boy..she is now 12 weeks 6 days pregnant ANSWER generally ultrasound techs (even the best) won't give you an answer till you are around the 16 week mark You can try to determine your baby gender with Chinese Birth Gender chart. This is easy and a ( Full Answer )

Does a baby have a heartbeat at 5 weeks 3 days pregnancy?

Answer . Yes according to this website it does. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/prenatal-care/PR00112. At week five, your baby is 1/17 of an inch long - about the size of the tip of a pen.. This week, your baby's heart and circulatory system are taking shape. Your baby's blood vessels will co ( Full Answer )

What gender dies the earliest?

Answer . As I understand it, it is men who generally die earlier. Which is unusual considering the biological stresses one women (pregnancy etc).. Most studies read indicate a disregard for personal health or a longer working life and stress as general factors in the early deaths of most men.

Whats goin on in the first week of Pregnancy?

Well, this is quite the tricky question to answer! Technically if you look at a week-by-week calendar of pregnancy you will notice that the first week of pregnancy is your week of ovulation (before you conceive!). So if you count the day that you conceived as your first day of pregnancy you are actu ( Full Answer )

How do you find the gender of a baby chicken?

Sexing a chick is quite a difficult job to do accurately. Vent sexing or identifying the sex of a day old chick by looking at its sexual organs is done by very few, well trained people. It takes a long time to learn how to identify the more than 15 different shapes of the cloaca. Chicks are often ( Full Answer )

How can you tell the gender of your baby mice at 2 weeks old?

Mice are too small for you to tell their gender when they are onlytwo weeks old. When they get a little older, you can look undertheir tails for signs. Males will have two distinct openings, witha bit of space between them. Females have what looks more like onelong opening, but is actually two openi ( Full Answer )

During your 4 week of pregnancy does your baby starts moving?

Yes, your baby may be moving. Usually the mother doesn't begin feeling the baby's movements 'til the 4th or 5th month. As the baby grows and develops the movements get stronger. Eventually you will be able to see the movement in your belly.

Will tampons affect your baby during 34 weeks in pregnancy?

Tampons wouldn't affect a baby during pregnancy, but there isabsolutely no reason why a woman should be using tampons while sheis pregnant - tampons should only be used during menstruation, evenif experiencing bleeding during pregnancy it is not safe to usetampons as you don't know the blood loss to ( Full Answer )

Can you find out the gender of the baby at 10 weeks?

No. Look at what your baby looks like at 10 weeks!:http://3dpregnancy.parentsconnect.com/calendar/10-weeks-pregnant.html Usually between 15-18 weeks you will find out the gender of your baby.. Actually, yes you can:. http://www.intelligender.com/

What week of pregnancy does the baby start kicking?

Midwives normally say you can start to feel fluttering sensations at around 16 weeks of pregnancy. However this can happen much sooner in some women and sometimes longer in others.

Third pregnancy can you feel your baby at 15 weeks?

Some people can by their third pregnancy because they know what the feeling is like. It's not unusual, although it is also possible that it may be because you are slightly further on than you though you were

What are the complications from going beyond 42 weeks of pregnancy to the baby?

It can actually raise a lot of complication's. The mother/baby is more likely to experience preclapsia, placental abruption, high birth weight, cesarean section, epesiotomy, brain damage, umbilical cord collapse and knots,and stillbirth just to name a few.Most dr will induce labor by 42 weeks.

What week of pregnancy is safe to have the baby?

A baby is counted as 'viable' (able to survive) from 24 weeks of pregnancy but I would not call that safe. 33% of babies born at 24 weeks, 19.9% at 23 weeks, and 9.1% at 22 weeks live long enough to be discharged from hospital. Not surviving but being discharged. So only a third survives from 24 wee ( Full Answer )

The sonar didn't show a baby in the 5th week of pregnancy?

This is normal. At 5 weeks there should just be a yolk sac and possible a little heart beat. The baby is just barely the size of a period "." at the end of a sentence. Your baby is only 2 milimeters long and weighs less than one gram! Go to http://3dpregnancy.parentsconnect.com/calendar/5-weeks-preg ( Full Answer )

What does the baby look like at 7 weeks of pregnancy?

At 7 weeks the baby still looks like a little alien! He/she is weighs less than one gram and is about 1/3 of an inch long! He is about the size of a tic tac! This week your baby's brain is growing at 100 cells per minute within a see-through skull. Your baby's face is becoming more defined this wee ( Full Answer )

When can you find out gender of baby?

It depends on the determination method. More invasive laboratory tests can tell you within a couple of months pregnancy. Ultrasounds would give an indication within 4 months or so. The "old fashioned method" of inspecting the crotch can be used as soon as they are born. All the methods have their sh ( Full Answer )

Can you fix gender of baby by your own choice during pregnancy?

You cannot select the gender once pregnancy has begun. However you cannot select gender before pregnancy without medical help. There are plenty of old wives tales about sexual positions, timing, and douching with various solutions before having sex, but there is no proof that any of this works. One ( Full Answer )

What is the earliest week a baby can be born without complications?

There's nothing set in stone. Normally after 37 weeks a baby is concidered full term but could still have some unexpected complications. Before 37 weeks doctors are generally prepared for a baby who is likely to have complications but often even a 35 week baby will be delivered without complications ( Full Answer )

Can you feel the baby in the first week of pregnancy?

No. In your first week of pregnancy, the embryo in your womb is not even as large as a poppy seed (you don't hit poppy seed size until roughly 3-4 weeks). It's impossible to feel something so small move. Second time moms can generally feel their babies around 14 weeks pregnant. First time moms, much ( Full Answer )

Easy way to understand about gender of baby in pregnancy period?

Gender of the baby can be detected easily by Ultrasonography but it is a CRIME in most countries and most UNETHICAL to do so. Please do not disturb the balance of NATURE.( Humans are behaving with this PLANET the way, they have another to go and stay.)

How do you find gender in pregnancy scan report?

The information should be contained in the summary of the report at the top, but if not you can read through the technician's or doctor's notes and if the gender was noted it should be included in this text.

Where can one find a baby gender predictor?

One can find a baby gender predictor on various websites like Parents and Netmums. One could also go to a local doctor and have an ultrasound to make sure what gender your baby is.

Where can one find pregnancy week by week pictures?

Week by week pregnancy pictures can be found in books retrieved from the library. There are websites online like Babycenter, Thebump, and 3Dpregnancy that have photos available of week by week pregnancy.