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The doors will be a 6.5" and your dash is 4"x6".

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Q: Whats the size of the speakers in the doors and under the dashboard of a 98 S10 Ls?
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What are the 1996 Jeep Cherokee speaker sizes?

In the 1996 Jeep Cherokee, you had the option of either 2 standard speakers, 4 standard speakers, or 6 AccuSound by Jensen premium speakers. In the 2-speaker system: -Front Doors: 5X 1/4" In the 4-speaker system: -Front Doors: 5X 1/4" -Rear Tailgate: 5X 1/4" In the AccuSound by Jensen premium system: -Front Doors: 5X 1/4" -Dashboard: 3X 1/2" -Rear Tailgate: 5X 1/4" If you have the AccuSound by Jensen premium speakers, a label denoting AccuSound by Jensen will be found on both front door speaker grilles, and there are speakers in the dashboard. There is an amplifier mounted under the rear bench seat. If there is no label on the front door speaker grilles, there are no speakers in the dashboard, and there is not an amplifier, then you do not have the AccuSound by Jensen premium speakers. Also, if you have an A/M-F/M only radio (no cassette player, no CD player), you do not have the AccSound by Jensen premium speakers. Hope this helps! Thanks!

What size are the speakers in a 98 Tahoe?

I am not sure of the size of the tweeters in the front doors, but all four doors have a 6.5" speaker in them, and there are a pair of 4x10 speakers in the roof all the way at the rear. ( they look a little like patches in the headliner) Also note, the small box under the driver's seat is actually an amplifier for the speakers in the two rear doors.

Where is the evaporator on a vn commodore?

under the dashboard under the dashboard

What is the button on the dashboard under the lights switch for?

that button is usually for the dome light override so when doors are open lights can b turned off

How do you replace the dashboard speakers in a 1991 cutlass supreme?

Answer If I'm not mistaking the dash board speakers on your car are under the dash, close to the windshield. I think you would have to remove the entire dash to be able to get at them so do yourself a favor, put good speakers in when you install them, as taking the dash apart is one heck of a job.

How do you replace dash speakers in a 1991 Jeep Wrangler?

if its like the 1993 which i think it is you need A torq take the front windshield down undo the screws under where the windshield sits that are holding the dashboard to the metal it should pop forward enough to change the speakers

What size are the speakers on a Cadillac Catera?

the catera has 6.5" mid range speakers in the front doors in the corners are 1.5" tweeter high range and 3 1/4 inch back door speakers are high and mid range and under the back window are 6.5" subwoofers depending on the year

Where is the fuse for the dashboard lights on a jeep Cherokee?

the fuse panel should be either under dash on left side or if you open the hood it will be right by the hinges for the hood it will be a little black box or open your two front doors it may be where your doors meet the dash

Is the alarm module box inside the car dashboard or under the hood dashboard?

Inside of the vehicle under the dash on driver side

Where is the hush panel and how do you get to it?

The hush panel is under the dashboard, between the dashboard and the firewall and above the footwell.

Where is the heater core 1992 Crown Victoria?

it is under the passenger dashboard, the entire dashboard has to be removed.

Why would the amp radio in a 1996 Suburban not be working where the two front speakers are ok but the center two and rear two are not?

According to the connector for the rear speakers is separate from the front speakers. If the connector for the rear speakers is loose or disconnected, the rear speakers would not work while the front ones will. The amp in the head unit (dashboard radio) powers the front door speakers. The rear door speakers and roof (pillar) speakers in the rear are powered by a second amp under the drivers seat. Either this amp is bad or is not hooked up.

Clicking sound under dashboard?

the indicator?

Where are the speakers on a suzuki grand vitara?

On a 2006 XL-7 there are 8 speakers. Two high frequency speakers are in the top of the dashboard, at the base of the windshield, on the extreme right and left. There are under the finely perforated grilles. There is one full range speaker in each of the passenger doors, near the forward lower corner, behind the molded plastic grilles. There are also two adjustable subwoofers, one under each of the front seats. They are black boxes with a dial on the side that let you adjust the bass level, if you need more or less than the radio control allows. My 2001 XL-7 had only four speakers, one in each passenger door. Depending on the year, model and trim level, there are variations, but these are the most likely locations.

What is the speaker size on a 2006 suzuki aerio?

Four 6 1/2", two on the back and two on the front doors, one subwoofer under the drivers seat, and two twitters on the front of the dashboard I believe.

How do I remove dashboard on 2006 Toyota 4Runner?

you have look for the dashboard unions behind the thermostat control under the compartment

What size speakers are in a 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?

Both the standard audio system and the Infinity Gold premium audio system have the same size speakers:Front Doors: 6X 3/4"Rear Doors: 6X 3/4"If you have speakers in the dashboard of your Jeep, they are 2X 1/2".You can tell if you have the Infinity Gold system or not because if you have the system, Infinity Gold will be printed on both front door speaker grilles. If Infinity Gold is not printed on both front door speaker grilles, you do not have the Infinity Gold system. Also, if you have the system, an amplifier is placed under the rear bench seat on the driver's side. If the factory head unit has a joystick-like fader control, you have the Infinity Gold system.Thanks!

How do you remove the speakers on 2000 Sonoma?

The doors you have to remove a bolt in the handle area (i believe its just under it) and then you have to remove the window crank (which requires a special GM tool), Then the door panel pops off revealing your speakers. Now the dash speakers they just have screws that hold the panel in. Once that panels off you just take the screws out and put your new ones in. MrNathanielJ.

Where is the clock in a 2001 Nissan Primera?

On the Dashboard Under Your Speedometer

Where are the fuses in a Jeep Wrangler?

under the hood and behind the dashboard

Where is fuel relay located?

It is under the left side dashboard.

How does the hood of a car open and close?

with the lever under your dashboard

Where is the fuse box for a 1986 Buick LeSaber?

under dashboard look under dash by pedals

How do you remove the factory speakers from your 92 grand am se they are the premium speakers if that matters?

Remove the dash pad, then remove the speakers from the dash frame. For the rear speakers, open the trunk and remove the brackets, that hold the speakers in place. not for the back speakers have to remove the lower rear seat then remove the seat belts then the rear seat back then remove the header panels in the back seat then remove the deck cover ..the rear speakers are bolted in from the top down under the rear deck cover....and the front speakers i believe are mounted in the door panels in the front doors have to remove the door panels to remove them .some do have them in the dash also if they are there u do as the person stated before me.

What do the lights on the dashboard of your Renault megane mean?

Please check your car manual, under dashboard lights. Thank you.