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Q: Whats wrong speedometer only registers to 40 mph mercury cougar?
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Whats the top speed of a ford cougar?

top speed of the ford cougar is 140 mph

How do you fix the Speedometer on a 91 Camaro RS?

whats wrong with it?

Whats the atmosphere of mercury?

Mercury has no significant atmosphere.

Is mercury a cold planet?

Whats the answer of was mercury a cold planet

Wiring diagram for stereo in a mercury mystique?

whats the wireing diagram for a 1998 mercury mystique.

Whats the number of valence electrons in mercury?


Whats the diameter of Mercury?

The diameter is 4879 km.

Whats the average humidity on Mercury?

A big fat zero, as there is very little, if any water on Mercury.

Whats a cars top speed if the speedometer say 145?

The speed of most cars today is limited by the computer, no matter what the speedometer says. My car's speedometer lists 140, but it actuality 120 is the top speed as the limiter kicks in and controls the speed by way of a fuel shut off.

Whats the weight on a 1984 mercury 50hp?

The dry weight of a 1984 model Mercury outboard is 186 lbs.

What year is a mercury outboard with serial?

whats the serial number

Whats the big difference between the 1989 Cougar LS and Xr7?

The XR7 is 8 cylinders the LS 6. 3.8engine.

Whats the distance from mercury to earth?

Depending on where Mercury is relative to the Earth as the two planets orbit the sun, the distance from Mercury to Earth varies from 77.3x106km to 221.9x106km.

Whats Mercury's orbital period?

It's about 88 Earth Days.

Whats is the car's speed in kilometers per hour when the speedometer reads twenty miles per hour?

30Kms. per hour.

Whats the meaning of Mercury name?

mercury was named after the roman god of commerce and thievery, because it quickly appears and dissapears from our view.

When you turn your car on your speedometer starts moving and your odometer starts registering miles as if you were driving it whats wrong and how can i fix it?

Sounds like a sensor

Whats the gas tank size of a 1991 Mercury Tracer?

For a ( 1990 ) Mercury Tracer , my Chilton's book shows ( 11.9 U.S. gallons )

Whats the problem if the speedometer odometer and trip do not work on a 1994 Honda civic?

The speedometer is wired to a VSS. If it has failed then the unit will need to be replaced. Odometer and trip meter are wired into the same fuse and should be checked. If the fuse is blown the odometers will not work.

Whats the surface of Mercury?

The surface of Mercury is very much like that of the Moon. It has large plains and is heavily cratered. It is covered in grey rocky material.

1995 dodge neon the speedometer doesnt work you replaced the speed sensor and it still doesnt work whats wrong with it and how do you fix it?

it doesn't work!!

Whats the smallest planet?

Mercury, now that Pluto has been reclassified as a dwarf planet.

Mercury Mystique coughing?

If car is coughing and stalls out until you drive whats the problem.

Whats the volume of mercury?

The mass of Mercury is 3.3022 E23 kilograms, and its volume is 6.083 E10 cubic kilometers. It's average diameter is 4879 kilometers.

What year is your 20 hp Mercury outboard serial number 0B337470?

whats the model number