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Whee does veal cordon bleu come from?

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What country is veal cordon bleu from?


Can chicken be a meat substitute for cordon bleu recipe?

Cordon bleu is a french recipe that is typically made with veal meat but chicken meat or pork meat can also be used for this recipe and it will still come out good

What does Le Cordon Bleu mean in English?

Le cordon bleu (the blue ribbon) is a term that came to mean an outstanding cook in French. In that sense it is now outdated. It is also the name of a recipe for a veal scallop stuffed with a slice of ham and hard cheese, breaded on the outside.

What is Federers favorite food?

He has many favorites and osme of them include: Gnocchi alla Gorgonzola, Veal Cordon Bleu, Wiener Schnitzel,and Zurich Geschnetzeltes.

What is a veal shank?

Where does a veal shank come from

What is the difference between veal and sheep meat?

The difference is veal does not come from sheep

Difference between veal and lamb kidneys?

the animals they come from...veal is from calfs

What part of the calf does veal chop come?

The part of the calf that veal chops come from is the hind quarter. Veal chops have a T shaped bone, a tenderloin and a large eye.

Can veal come from a pig?

No, it can't.

Does veal come only from bulls?

Veal does not come from bulls, nor cows. Veal is the meat from young calves, be they steer calves, bull calves or heifer calves. NEVER bulls or cows.

Does veal come from a pig?

No, pork is the meat of a pig, veal is the meat of a young cow (or young bull).

What part of the cow does Veal come from?

Veal does not come from any part of a cow. Veal is the meat from dairy bull calves that are not needed in dairy production and are sent either for slaughter or to be fed a special feed prior to slaughter.

Is it still veal at 32 weeks?

Yes, though most types of veal come from calves being slaughtered between 18-26 weeks old. There is an English veal called "Rose Veal" that comes from calves slaughtered at 35 weeks.

What animal does the meat veal come from?

Veal comes from calves (young bovines) that are less than 3 months of age.

What is veal steaks?

Veal steaks are steaks that come from young calves (between the ages of 1 to 9 weeks) that have been butchered for meat.

What are 5 restaurant cuts of veal?

veal chops veal tenerloin veal shanks osso bucco veal top round for medallions veal sweetbreads...mmm

What is a Veal Pie?

A pie with veal

How do you cook veal?

Get a veal and cook it

What is 'veal' when translated from English to Italian?

"Veal" in English is vitello in Italian.

Which country does the word schnitzel come from?

From Germany, it is a slice of thin meat, especially veal

Is veal a baby lamb?

No, veal is meat from a calf.

Veal cutlet is from beef or pork?

Veal is beef.

Are steers used for veal?

No, veal is calf meat.

Where the meat veal is from?

Veal is meat from young calves.

What is a veal in French?

The french word for veal is veaul