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It's possibly the U-joints or center drive shaft "carrier" bearing. There are plenty of other possibilities, but that's common and relatively easy to find and repair.

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How is it decided which end of the ground your team kicks to in football?

theres a coin toss. whoever wins picks

What is noise in physics?

Waves of air that oscillate at a particular frequency. The ear drum picks up these waves, and then the brain interprets them.

What is cross talk?

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Do most professional guitarists use picks?

about 90% of them should, flamenco they use their fingers instead and other than that theres tapping and finger picking to get good at. thick picks I use because they dont flap even at lightening fast speeds.

What could it be when truck starts to move very slow i get a rear noise. then as it picks up seed it gos away?

it could be your clutch or a torque converter

Why is my 99' cougar making a loud roaring noise and picks up RPM's when it is cold outside?

It turns out that it was a bad idle air control valve. Right after I replaced it the loud noise stopped. About a hundred dollar fix, it was well worth it!

Your 1995 Mazda cronos misses when travelling at higher speedsI let off the gas and slowly accellerate and it picks up againWhat is wrong?

Is it worse when going up a steep hill? If so it could be a fuel problem. The most likely causes would be a fuel pump starting to go bad or a clogged fuel filter.

What is the buzzing noise coming from the front right area under the hood when you get above 30 mph in your Subaru with manual transmission?

The wheel bearings of the Subaru should be checked. Worn wheel bearings create a whirling noise, that gets louder as the car picks up speed.

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One can find free sports picks online at sites such as Predictem, National Sports Monitor, Cappers Picks, Free Picks USA, and Free Sports Picks Daily.

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Yes, Major League Baseball teams can trade draft picks but only competitive balance draft picks, their regular draft picks as well as compensation picks cannot be traded.

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