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You need a new starter period because the clicking sound is a sure fire sign that the starter has gone bad. You may wish to check used car parts or re-built stores or even the pick and pull car lots for the starter. You can replace it with that and directions are in a Chilton book step by step. EDIT - Also you could have a dead battery that needs replaced. Happened on my missus car a week ago. New battery from part co was 26.98+VAT for a Rover 114.

2007-07-09 17:00:28
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Q: When I try to start my 1995 Ford Fiesta it just makes a clicking sound so considering it has not always started first time do I just need to fit a new starter motor?
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Where is starter motor on Ford Fiesta?

follow the red cable from your bat. that will go to the starter motor. this is best guide as location can vary on models.

How do you get locate starter motor on Ford Fiesta 1.4 tdci?

The starter motor on a Ford fiesta 1.4 tdci is located on the side of the engine. Look directly where the engine is bolted to the bell housing which contains the clutch. It can be easily visible if you are under the car itself.

When iput a new battery on your fiesta worked okay then today you got up and car would not start it tried then starting making a clicking noise and stated to lose power from the battery?

Make sure battery cables are tight and clean Check connections at starter and at engine ground

Where is the starter motor in a Ford Fiesta my car is a v reg i don't know where it is so where is the start motor locaed?

Follow the red battery cable which will eventually lead you to the starter.

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Ford Fiesta won't start even after starter motor has been replaced what could it be?

the electrics work in my ford fiesta 1.2 zetec but when i turn the key there is nothing , but if i tow the car it starts easy , could you help ??

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How do you replace a starter motor on a 1995 diesel Ford Fiesta?

Remove battery connections. remove large wire at starter (13mm nut), remove small wire on starter (10mm nut), remove 3 13mm bolts from the starter to the engine (some had a bracket, depends on model) starter should drop out bottom. refitt in reverse. .

What can cause a clicking sound for about 8 seconds on my 2014 Ford Fiesta?

Not much info to go on but it could be the exhaust system heating up or cooling down.

My 1995 Ford Fiesta doesn't start?

If you try hitting the starter with a hammer it should get it turning again..if its not that,its your battery or plugs.. Regards, Michael,

Ford Fiesta 1995 won't start the battery is fully charged but the starter motor won't turn over you have had the starter motor off and it it has tested ok fuses look ok?

You need to check for power to the starter soleonoid when the key is turned If you have power to the small terminal and the starter is not turning then you quite possibly have a bad earth to the engine/gearbox.

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How do you know if the starter needs to be replaced on a 1996 Ford Fiesta Frascati and how do you replace it?

Hey Hatim==Take it to Aauto Zone and have it checked out GoodluckJoe Take it to Auto Zone and have it checked out.

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