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We tell our friend about our problems with our boyfriend, because they have a more open minded. We use our friends as a sounding board, and see if they feel about the situation the same as we do. But so many times girlfriends, feel the same way we do because we are females. Females go by what our hearts tell us. So many times Males dont see things the same way we do. What might look like problems to us, may not look as problems to them, or not as serious. So many times guys, blow us off when we try to explain how we feel, and what is bothering us. If something is bothering you, you need to tell him, but maybe dont go into so much detail with him as if you would with your girl friends. Males attention span is so limited, unless sex is involved. But if he truly loves you, he will work it out. Good Luck!

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Q: When a girl is unhappy in a relationship why will she tell her friends the problem but not her own boyfriend whom she expects to magically read her mind?
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What is the difference between the relationship you have with your family friends and boyfriend?

There are many differences between the relationship that you have with your family, friends, and boyfriend. With your family you have a deep, loving, permanent relationship. With your friends, you have a more fun, and compatible relationship. With your boyfriend you have a romantic relationship.

What do you do if your boyfriend doesn't tell his friends about your relationship?

end the relationship

What should you do if you think you are starting to like your friends boyfriend?

If you are starting to like your friends boyfriend then I would recommend not trying to get into any relationship with his/her boyfriend you might be rejected and either way you will more than likely loose your friends relationship.

Why does boyfriend tell friends about relationship?

because he is just that way

What do you do when your friend flirts with your boyfriend?

Don't be friends with them. Simple as that if they are truly your friend they will respect you and your boyfriend and not get in the way of your relationship.

What do you do when another girl hugs your boyfriend and your boyfriend says its okay that she hugged him and that they are just friends?

If you are secure in your relationship with your boyfriend, don't worry about it. It's okay for guys to have other friends that are girls.

How can you sustain your harmonious relationship with your family?

Communication is key to every relationship, with family, boyfriend & girlfriend, friends, etc.

What you should keep between just you and your boyfriend and what should you share with friends?

ANSWERWhat you should definitely keep with your boyfriend are the personal things you guys do together alone. However, if you really trust your friends there shouldn't be a problem talking to them about your relationship with your boyfriend. Make sure your boyfriend is cool with it or you'll have problems. Good luck with your relationship

Why do you want a boyfriend?

You want a boyfriend because maybe some of your friends or people in your class have one and it looks really fun to be in a relationship

Can a guy hang out with a girl who has a boyfriend if her and her boyfriend are both cool with it?

Yes sure this possible. Having a relationship does not mean you should stop other relationship with friends. But you should know your limits

Can you still be friends with an ex boyfriend that loves you?

yes you can be friends with your ex and that depends if you have a strong relationship with him or her after your breakup..if you do have a strong relationship then you guys must be very close to each other.

What if your boyfriend doesn't want you to be friends with your ex-boyfriend?

it is understandable if your boyfriend is wary of the relationship between you and someone you used to be attracted to. on the other hand you don't want to be in a relationship where your boyfriend is cotroling you. you should try to have a chat with him about it and hear out what his reasons are behind his protectiveness. hope this helps♥

Should i stay friends with an ex boyfriend while in a relationship boyfriend?

if it is ok with your current boyfriend there is not should about it...if you want to then do it, if not then dont, if your current bf has a problem with it then that is his problem not yours

What are two signs of an abusive relationship?

If you always fight, then it is an abusive relationship. If you do not want to be around your boyfriend/girlfriend, then it is an abusive relationship. If you can not talk or be around your family and friends then you are in an abusive relationship.

What should you do when your boyfriend wants to remain friends with his ex-girlfriend but you know it is just going to hurt your relationship?

Tell your boyfriend how you feel about it.

What do you do if your in a relationship and the guy is like flirting with all your friends?

My boyfriend can be the same way! Everybody flirts even if they are in a relationship. Flirting is fun! But if it really bothers you then talk to him about it. He shouldn't be flirting with your friends.

What do you do if your boyfriend has girls as friends they invite him to go places but not you?

Your boyfriend is probably not ready for an exclusive relationship. If you don't think that he will change his mind, you may need to find another boyfriend.

What should you do if your boyfriend tells his friends everything about your sex life and then he expects you to hang out with them and act like everythings fine when I'm totally uncomfortable with it?

Tell him if he wants you, he's gotta stop.Or leave him, because what good boyfriend would do that?

What does dudes mean by just being friends?

They mean that they do not want the relationship to extend to anything more than friends. They do not want to get into girlfriend and boyfriend.

If a boyfriend is about to go to college should you just be friends or keep the relationship so you wont be hurting in the end?


Why does your boyfriend want to remain friends with his ex?

The real question is why should it bother you. Either trust that its just being friends, or break up and move on because if you can't trust your boyfriend your not going to have a happy relationship.

If you are not friends with ex-boyfriend what is the possiblity that he will come back?

0000.1% chance!!If you and him arent friends,which is the first relationship with a boy to have,then their is a very LOW possibility!

What do you call a relationship where two people are together but are not boyfriend and girlfriend and more than friends not friends with benefits?

so ur kinda in da middle u kinda like them but not enuf to b in a relationship...i'd just call it a casual relationship

What is a boyfriend relationship?

it's when a girl has a crush on a boy and he has a crush on her too and they decide to be friends, but since they really like each other and sometimes even love each other they decide to make it a boyfriend, girlfriend relationship.

How can you tell if your best friends boyfriend is cheating on her?

Its best to leave what is going on in someone else's relationship up to them and not for you to get involved.