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Depends on your state, but I would say NO. If it was a scheme to defraud you, there could be a case against father, but it would be very difficult. And I do not think anything could be done to mother either (unless a scheme to defraud). I would think both would testify they did not know child was other guys.

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Q: When a man finds out his son is not really his after 15 years can he sue the biological father for support now that he has DNA proof and can anything be done to the mother for lying?
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Biological mother signs her rights away to the grandmother does biological mother still have to pay support?

No,the same rules apply wether you are the father or the mother you are not obligated to pay support.

Is biological father liable for child support if the mother got married before the birth of the child?

Yes , the biological father will be held legally responsible for the support of his child .

Can a mother claim support from the biological father and the step father for the same child?

A step father has no legal obligation to support a step child.

Can the biological mother request relinquished parental rights if the biological father does not pay child support or make contact?


Why is a mother called step mother?

She is not the biological mother but is the wife of the biological father.

Would a biological father have to continue paying child support if the mother and child moved out of the country?


Can a mother ask for a child support from a father who is not on birth certificate but is proven to be the real father?

If there are DNA result proving him to be the biological father, yes she can.

What happens if non biological father paid child support due to mother not knowing who the father is?

Not sure what a "non biological father" is, but the only thing that could happen is that the (former) payor is excused from paying future support. He cannot recover the support already paid.

Where do you get your genes from?

You get them from your biological mother and father

Can I sue my father for child support I'am 18yrs old I took an DNA to prove he is my biological father?

no, your mother (or legal guardian) has to sue

Can biological father of a child be sued for child support if the husband of the mother assumes responsibility?

yes see my profile

Does biological father can be sue for not giving support for his illegitimate son?

He can be sued by the child's mother or other guardian, and/or by the State.

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