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Sudden drastic weight loss WILL cause skin sagging. Exercise along with dieting will reduce this and give tone to the muscles of the body. Muscles will not replace lost fat within the breast tissue, but they will support breast tissue from underneath, that is, in the chest wall. Moisturise your skin as much and as often as possible. This will improve elasticity and reduce creasing and stretch marks. Look after yourself.

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Q: When a person with large breasts loses weight will the skin be loose and if so how can you prevent it?
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When you gain weight do your breasts grow?

You Breasts won't grow, but you might grain weight around the tissue of your breasts, this causes your breasts to become over large. Breasts as made mostly of adipose[ fatty tissue ], so naturally overall weight gain will result in larger breasts.

Is there a treatment for men with large breasts?

They Might do a breast reduction surgery but it is a dangerous surgery if the breasts are not at a certain weight. Losing weight or doing upper body exercises will certainly decrease the size of the breasts.

How big can the breasts get?

This is hard to answer. With surgery now a days, they can make breasts extremely large! Plus, when a woman loses weight, her breasts shrink a little. When she gains weight, they grow a little. I've seen bra sizes to "G."

Can very large breasts make asthma worse?

Absolutely! I have very large breasts on a smallish frame and when I have symptoms of asthma I breath easier if I lift my breasts up and away from my chest. The extra weight makes things worse.

Do guys like flatchested girls?

Yes. Large breasts are attractive but plenty of guys don't care hugely about breasts as long as the person keeps themselves in health for example contained acne not grossly over weight clean teeth etc.

What is the average weight supposed to be for a 5'3 20 year old female?

If you have large breasts, and your gorgeous, average is 115lbs

What do you call a man with a penis and large female breasts?

Man with large penis = hung Woman with large breasts = busty

Why are large breasts more attractive?

Large breasts are not more attractive to many people. There are men who prefer smaller well shaped breasts.

Wht does having large breasts cause back pain?

Because of the weight, if they are very large your body over corrects for your standing posture which strains the muscles in your back. Back exercises may help you with your problem. Also make sure you have a good supporting foundation bra which distributes the weight of your breasts more evenly.

How big can your breasts grow?

Well, that's something that we cant really answer. It depends on the person and if you have large breasts alreadly they will get even bigger with age. Yes, im talking about sagging.

Why do women want large breasts?

Many men seem to prefer large breasts, so some women think that they will be more desirable with larger breasts.

What size breasts?

as large as it can be

How can a 11 year old get big breast?

The size of your breasts largely depends upon genetics and your weight. Your breasts may grow or shrink over time depending on how much weight you gain or lose. However, some women are naturally large-breasted and others have naturally small breasts. All sizes and shapes are normal.

What is the proper medical definition for large breast?

Megalomastia is a medical term meaning abnormally large breasts. Hypermastia may also mean large breasts, or may mean more than two breasts.

My mom told me recently that when she checked on me when you were sleeping you had the covers off and she said she was shocked how large your breasts were and she said that your breasts are large?


Do girls want to have large breasts?

They usually want medium-sized breasts. They don't want to be flat-chested, nor do they want breasts so large that they are made fun of or objectified.

How big are 38K size breasts?

Size K breasts would be very large.

How can you lose weight from your breasts?

Some women with large breasts want to reduce their breast size because such large breasts seem unnatural and create severe back pain. Daily cardio exercise like walking, riding a bike and using an elliptical machine for 45-60 minutes will help to burn fat from all over your body and gradually reduce the size of your breasts. Another option is cosmetic surgery.

Do breasts grow after Breast Reduction due to pregnancy?

I'm finding online that they do...pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss and gravity can cause changes in the breasts AFTER a breast reduction. My doctor said, "would you rather have those changes with a large chest or those changes with a smaller one?" Hope that helps!

Do people like large breasts?

Some guys and girls do.

How large are Denise milanis breasts?


Why are breasts so large?

genetics and diet

What percentage of women have large breasts?

Not enough :(

What do men think of breasts with large aeriolas?


Is there milk in large breasts?

i hope so