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Well, I wouldn't say he actually gave up his throne. It had more to do with the fact that he was dragged off it during the October 1917 Bolshevik revolution and had his throat cut or somesuch. He was dead, anyway, and so were all his family. Unfortunately, all the people got out of their revolution was Stalin, who made the Czar and any of his excesses look like a vacation in Hawaii. People feel sorry for the Jews. The Russians have had it at least as bad, if you ask me.

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Q: When and why did the Czar give up his throne?
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What Russian czar was forced to give up his throne during the Russian Revolution?

Czar Nicholas II

Why did the Czar give up the throne in Russia?

There was a revolution, the Russian Revolution of 1917; Czar Nicholas II was forcibly removed from power by the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks.

Who was the last czar of russia who gave up the throne in march 1917?

The last Czar of Russian Empire was Nicholas II


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When did the last czar abdicate the throne?

The last czar abdicated the throne on March 2, 1917, according to the Russian calendar then in use. In western countries, it was March 15, 1917

Did Abraham Lincoln ever compare Czarist Russia to the southern slave owners?

In 1855, Abraham Lincoln wrote that the Czar of Russia would more easily give up his throne than a slave owner would give up his slaves ( in the South ).

The last czar of russia who gave up the throne in march 1917 and was executed by revolutionaries in July 1918?

Nicholas II

What year did czar Nicholas abdicate his throne?

March 15, 1917

What is the word for give up a throne?


Why did Belshazzar give up the throne?

Belshazzar did not give up the throne of Babylon. It was taken from him when he was killed when Cyrus the Persian conqured the Babylonian Empire (Chaldean's)

When did Henry VII give up the throne?

King Henry VII did not "give up the throne." His reign ended when he died on 21 April 1509.

What was the last year russia was ruled by a czar?

I believe that the year there was a Russian Czar was March 15, 1917 when Nicolas the II abdicated the throne.

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