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at sixteen

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2006-04-25 13:27:23
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Q: When can a teenager start building their credit rating?
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How can a teenager start building their credit rating?

As long as you pay off all your payments that you paid on your credit card your credit rating will increase.

How do you start a breeding barn on gallop and ride?

You have to have a 2-star rating & 1000 credit/money to purchase it.

If you recently moved to America and want to start building credit what should you do?

work at redell Honda

What are some things people with a bad credit rating can do to purchase a home loan?

The best way to repair a credit rating is to start paying off delinquent accounts. Lowering one's debt-to-income ratio and developing a history of current positive credit can help in raising one's credit score to purchase a home loan.

What companies offer refinancing for consumers with poor credit?

Deloitte will help a consumer with a poor credit rating. The company will help the consumer with poor credit get a new start. Easy Financial will loan from $500 to $5,000 to a consumer with bad credit.

Is no credit worse than bad credit?

Not having a credit history is better than having a bad credit history. Bad credit is very bad... No credit is good. you are now ready to apply for credit. Start small, like a department store credit card. You must establish credit and use it in order to get a credit rating.

How is it possible a consumer might not have a credit history?

If they have never taken out a loan, credit card, or anything else, there is no credit history. You should start building credit while in college - small credit cards and student loans are good ways.

Credit Score Scale?

Credit scale is a simple rating system giving numbers to credit depending on a number of factors. A lot of scales you will find on the internet start near 300 (poor) and go up to 850 (perfect)

What time do teenager have to leave city-place on a Saturday?

at 12 but if there a lot of teenager in city-place and they start make noise then they start kicking teenager out at 11

how can i get a credit card with bad credit ?

You can start out with a prepaid card to start building your credit. Try this website You can always get a pre-paid credit card. Walmart and many other stores offer them for a small service fee. Your bank can also offer you a debit card that you can use like a credit card.

Where can a person go for information on mortgages if they have poor credit?

A poor credit rating makes one an undesirable client at a lending agencies such as banks, therefore a mortgage broker might be the best place to start.

How do you get a car loan without a cosigner?

start building your credit, get a department store credit card, like a target card, buy stuff then pay it off the next day.

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