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When can you let your kitten in the garden?

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Kittens are like human babies so if you want to let it investigate a little then go outside with the kitten and keep a watchful eye on it. Kittens should be kept in the house until they have had all their shots from the vet. Helpful hints: Ask: "How do you look after a kitten?"

2006-07-26 08:50:15
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Q: When can you let your kitten in the garden?
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Is it ok to let your kitten play fight with another kitten that comes into the garden or is that other kitten trying to take over his territory?

It should be okay. After they become adults, they may fight for real over who runs the garden, but kittens are not territorial.

When can you let your kitten out?

If you want your kitten to live a long and healthy life, you should not let them out unsupervised.

How do you get a kitten out of a wine rack?

dont let your kitten get caught in a wine rack.

What is the verb and subject in this sentence there were a gray cat and a stripe kitten in the garden?

The verb is "were" and the subject is "a gray cat and a stripe [sic] kitten"; the simple subject is "cat ... and ... kitten".

How do you raise a kitten?

Give it plenty of milk and cuddlesIf the kitten is to small, let it drink from a milk bottle.then you let it sleep in a nice comfy bed

How old can your kitten be to go outside?

Usually kittens can be let out of the house after it has had all its shots. This insures that its immune system is ready for the kitten to be let outside where many illnesses can be picked up. Your vet will be able to advise you on the right time to let your kitten out of the house. As well as vaccinations, a kitten should be neutered or spayed for at least six weeks before being let outside.

How do you introduce a kitten to a cat?

just let it settle in

When is it safe to let my kitten out?

Could you be more specific.

Can kitten get lost if let outside?

Sorry to say but....yes

How do you hold the kitten to let them drink from a bottle?

like a baby

Are you allowed to keep chickens in your garden?

If you keep chickens in your garden or even let them in the garden they will eat your garden crop.

How do you convince a mom to get a kitten?

The best way to convince a mom to get a kitten is to let mom know that you are responsible. Tell your mom that you will feed and love the kitten and always take care of it.

How old must a kitten be to be let outside?

You can let the kitten start enjoying the outdoors when they begin eating solid foods. At about 5 to 6 weeks old. Keep an eye on them to keep them from trouble.

Your kitten has no hair what can you do?

easy either its a siames or JUST LET IT GROW!

Can you make a sentence using the letter k as much as possible?

The kitten played with the knitted sock around the rock garden, but along came Karen looking for her sock that the kitten had.

How much penicillin can you give to a kitten?

Never heard of a cat, let alone a kitten taking penicillin.Take your cat to the vet and they will prescribe the proper medication for them.

How long before a kitten can be let outdoors?

Not until it's had its first inoculations.

Your cat is an adult on runescape but the kitten lady wont let you get another kitten?

It needs to be an overgrown cat, when it's overgrown you can, it goes kitten > cat > overgrown cat so there's 3 stages not 2.

How do you get a newborn kitten?

Undo your cat cage in the kitten's room, and let the kitten wander out by itself. Make sure the kitten knows where its toys, food, water and litter tray are. Leave the door of the room open, a brave kitten will love exploring a new home!

What can you do for your garden if you have to much rain?

Let it dry out.

Can you take kittens to a party?

NO YOU CAN'T TAKE A KITTEN TO A PARTY! The kitten will freak out and might run away or get hurt. DON'T TAKE A KITTEN TO A PARTY!!! Let your kitten stay at your house for a while, but the only other place a kitten should go is the vet. Cats don't like to go places. They're not dogs!

How can you train your kitten of 10 weeks to live with your hamster?

What you have to do is get your kitten and hamster in one room. Then Let them get along their selves, and if they don't get along then you have to butt in and help them to get along.

Can you pick up your kitten after spaying?

Yes it should be perfectly fine. Just be gentle and let your kitten nap because they are probably still a little drugged the day of.

How can you make a garden in castaway2 for ps2?

you have to collect ash from the fire then it will let you make a garden! hope it helps

How do you keep geese from eating out of my garden?

Let your garden grow up. Then the geese don't want to eat out of it.