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If you change the fuel pump you may as well change the fuel filter at the same time. There is usually a sock on the pump that should be changed as well as the filter. If the sending unit lines are rough or the tank is rough, you may want to do them while it is down(assuming your'e dropping the tank). Did you change fuel pump and not solve the problem? If so it could have been a blown fuse, loose connector, bad fuel pump relay, or bad ECM (Engine Control Module. You can use a light bulb and test for voltage on fuel pump fuse. You can put your finger on relay and have an assistant turn on and off ignition switch feel to see if you can feel it clicking as the relay coil energizes and de-energizes...if you feel it the ECM is good, if not it is bad. If you feel it clicking then the relay contacts are not in the best shape, but however use a screwdriver handle and tap relay while assistant cranks the engine it should start and run again. Anyway good luck!!

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Q: When changing the fuel pump does anything else need to be replaced?
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Where is fuel filter located on 2006 Honda Accord?

It has a permanent fuel filter mounted in the fuel tank, that never needs changing. It is replaced when the fuel pump is replaced.

Changing fuel filter on 1994 Acura Legend?

Do you have to prime the fuel filter on a 1994 acura legend when replaced

Why is no electricity getting to fuel pump in 93 suburban already replaced fuel pump and fuel modulator what else should be checked?

The Fuel Pump relay. Fuse's

Can you use anything else to fuel a zippo?

yes, but not recommended!

What else can be done after the fuel filter fuel pump relay and fuel pump have all been replaced with new parts and car is still only cranking?

main engine relay should be replaced with fuel pump relay. Are you sure your fuel filter is not plugged.

1993 454 3500 no fuel?

You need to check the fuel pump, power to the fuel pump, fuel filter and anything else that might be related.

Will bigger injectors foul out spark plugs on a 86 accord lxi?

If the injectors are spraying more fuel with out anything else changing, then yes, the plugs will foul. To get more power you need more air in the engine as much as you need more fuel.

How do you reset fuel pump on a 1999 surburban gmc?

I replaced the fuel pump in my 1999 SLT2500 Suburban. I did not have to reset anything to get it to start

Where is fuel filter 200 series landcruiser?

After resetting the fuel light on a 200 series do you have to drain the filter or do anything else?

What is a fossil fuel and why can't they be replaced?

A fossil fuel is a fuel that cannot be replaced within a generation. They can however be replaced over millions of years.

I have replaced the fuel pump filter regulator fuel block seal spark plugs and still wont run what else may be the problem?

Is it getting spark?

Why are some fuel filters in the fuel tank?

They are permanent filters that are only replaced when the fuel pump is replaced.

Where is the fuel pump relay in a 97 jeep grand Cherokee?

I replaced my fuel pump its in the fuel tank.... I replaced my fuel pump its in the fuel tank....

What else usually has to be replaced with a fuel pump?

Always replace the fuel pump strainer and the fuel filter....that is usually it. That and make certain that the tank doesn't have rust or sediment in it. Short fuel pump life is a sign of crud in the tank.

Have replaced fuel filter and fuse is good what else could it be car won't start on a 93 buick century?

hello how are you?

What is the average cost of replacing a fuel pump?

I was just quoted anywhere from $650-$900 for a 99 Astro. It depends on whatever else needs to be replaced and brand of fuel pump

My fuel pump do not work soon as turn warm I HAVE A Chevrolet Cavalier 91 2.2LITER?

Start by changing the fuel filter as this may just be coincidence. Normally a fuel pump that does not work during warmer temperatures is defective and must be replaced.

How do you get your Hyundai accent started after changing the fuel pump?

It should start with no problems if you have done everything right. If it does not then use some starter fluid to get it going. Make sure you also replaced the fuel filter.

After you had the fuel pump replaced on your 1994 ranger fuel spills out when you fill up?

Fuel pump gasket (in tank) not replaced properly?

If motorcycle will not stay running after changing starter switch what else should you check?

If you are sure that all the wiring is ok, then check the fuel.

Mercury Topaz with a replaced fuel pump still stalls and has a low idle What else could be wrong?

There are many things that it could be, but you should try checking your fuel pressure regulator. Did you replace the fuel filter first?

How often to change gas filter in 2006 Buick lacross?

The fuel filter is in the fuel tank and is normally replaced with the fuel pump is replaced.

Does a fuel filter on a 2004 Dodge Dakota need replacing after 100.000 miles?

If the filter is mounted in the fuel tank, no. It is replaced when the fuel pump is replaced. If the filter is mounted in the fuel line it should have been replaced every 50,000 miles.

Is there anything else besides the relay and the fuse that would make the fuel pump not work on a 1990 Chevy Lumina?

IS it the pump itself? Did you check for a blocked fuel filter? are you getting any fuel pressure to the fuel rail?

Does fuel filter in 2004 accord need servicing?

No, it is mounted in the fuel tank and should last the life of the fuel pump. It is replaced when the pump is replaced.