When changing the fuel pump does anything else need to be replaced?

If you change the fuel pump you may as well change the fuel filter at the same time. There is usually a sock on the pump that should be changed as well as the filter. If the sending unit lines are rough or the tank is rough, you may want to do them while it is down(assuming your'e dropping the tank). Did you change fuel pump and not solve the problem? If so it could have been a blown fuse, loose connector, bad fuel pump relay, or bad ECM (Engine Control Module. You can use a light bulb and test for voltage on fuel pump fuse. You can put your finger on relay and have an assistant turn on and off ignition switch feel to see if you can feel it clicking as the relay coil energizes and de-energizes...if you feel it the ECM is good, if not it is bad. If you feel it clicking then the relay contacts are not in the best shape, but however use a screwdriver handle and tap relay while assistant cranks the engine it should start and run again. Anyway good luck!!