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When changing the water pump on 94 escort should I change the Timing belt and how do you do so if I must?



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if you think your timing belt has more than 60k on it then you should definatly replace it, i owned my escort for 160k and the timing belt broke around every 60k, first u want to disconnect negative battery cable, than turn your engine to tdc, there should be indacation marks on your timing belt cover above your harmonic balancer, turn it to 0 degrees, support engin with jack, remove the entire engine mount that is in front of the engine cover, remove serp. belt and tensoiner, remove harmonic balancer, remover upper and lower timing belt shields, losen timing belt tensoiner let it fall back,( if tensoiner feels stiff or makes noise when you turn it you should replace it) remove timing belt.Remove bolts out of water pump and r and r water pump, then to replace belt start at the crankshaft and move counter clockwise till you get all the way around, make sure your alignment marks are still ligned up, then pry tensoin on your tensoiner till you get a decently still belt, then tighten tensoiner, then release pressure, hand turn engin 2 revolutoins, then check marks again, if ligned up then reverse procedure to reinstall everything, if marks are not lined up then remove belt and start al over again.