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In 1961 and in 1962, Ngo Dinh Diem, leader of the government in South Vietnam, repeatedly asked for assistance from America and its allies to help its security. Australia eventually accepted and sent 30 military advisers from the Australian Army Training Team to Vietnam. These advisors were experts in jungle warfare and helped the US and South Vietnamese troops significantly. By 1965 it was obvious that South Vietnam could not beat the communists, so America sent over 200,000 more troops and requested more support from its allies (Australia).

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Q: When did Australia send troops to Vietnam?
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Why did australia send troops to Vietnam?

Australia supported the US and it's effort to keep communism from spreading into South Vietnam.

Did Canada send troops to Vietnam?

Canada Did not send troops to Vietnam.

How many troops did Australia send to the Vietnam War?

Australia maintained a military force of approximately 8,000 men in country during the Vietnam War.

Who did Kennedy send over to Vietnam?

Kennedy was asked to send additional troops to Vietnam. He sent additional troops and military advisors over to Vietnam to help.

When did president Nixon first send troops to Vietnam?

Kennedy was the first president to send troops to Vietnam (others before him sent advisors, but not troops), Johnson escalated the number of troops... Nixon got us out of Vietnam.

When did Australia exit the Vietnam war?

Australia began exiting the war in Vietnam in 1970 and most all troops were out of the country by 1973. They did briefly send troops back in 1975 to help Australian embassy workers evacuate during the Fall of Saigon.

How many troops did the US send to Vietnam?

over 50.000 troops

Where did Gerald Ford send troops?


Did president Kennedy send troops to Vietnam?

U.S. president Kennedy said many troops to Vietnam to fight the Vietnam War.

Who enabled north vietnam to send troops to South Korea?

The Ho Chi Minh Trail enabled north vietnam to send troops to south korea.

Why did JFK send more troops to Vietnam?

The men in South Vietnam requested them.

When did Johnson send fighting troops to Vietnam?


Why did Australia withdraw Vietnam?

A peace agreement was reached with North Vietnam in which the U.S.and Australia would with draw there troops and North Vietnam would stop attacking South Vietnam. After the U.S. and Australia withdrew there troops North Vietnam broke it's agreement and attacked and over ran South Vietnam.

How did Australia respond to communism in Australia?

Australia, an ally of the US, sent troops to Vietnam.

Why were Australian troops sent to Vietnam?

Australian troops were sent to Vietnam on Robert Menzies orders (the Australian prime minister of the time). They were sent to Vietnam because Communism was spreading throughout Asia, and Menzies feared it coming to Australia, so he sent our troops in. Although, our troops only started out as advisers to our allies, but sometime later Menzies decided to send in our combat troops.

What was Robert menzies role in the Vietnam war against Australia?

he was the prime minister of Australia and he sent the troops to Vietnam

Did John F Kennedy send troops into Vietnam?


When did America send men to Vietnam?

1965- there were advisors in Vietnam beforehand but troops went in '65

How long were australia troops involved in the vietnam war?

for for years

Which country did US not send troops in the 1980's and 1990's Panama Granada Vietnam?

Vietnam. The last US troops left Vietnam in 1975.

When did President Kennedy send troops to Vietnam?

Actually, the first US troops were sent to Vietnam in 1955, Six years before Kennedy's presidency.

Who was the first American President to send advisors and or troops to Vietnam?


Did India send troops to Vietnam?

India had their own problems with their neighbors.

How many troops did president Lyndon Johnson send to Vietnam?


When did the US first send troops to Vietnam and when was a ceasefire signed?