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When did Mass Arms Co open?


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Massachusetts Arms Company operated from 1860 to 1893. The name was later used by J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co, J. Stevens Arms, and Crescent Firearms.

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forehand arms co was in business from 1898 to1902 from worcester,mass. sorry that's all i know right nowAnswerforehand arms co. was in business from 1898 to1902 in worcester, mass. sorry, don't konw any more

This trade name gun was made for Blish, Mizet and Silliman Hardware Company of Atchinson, KS, by J Stevens Arms Co c. 1920-1945.

The Massachusutts Arms Co. was a "house brand" firearm either made by or imported by the H & D Folsom Arms Co./Crescent Arms Co./Crescent-Davis Arms Co. These 3 names all to a large extent represent the same, somewhat confusing, organization. Crescent Arms or Crescent-Davis Arms apparently did any manufacturing involved while H & D Folsom did the importing part of the business.( I think, maybe.) However it was orignized their main product appears to have been "trade" guns on which they would stamp any name you wanted if you bought enough of them. Mass. Arms Co. being just one of many names. These, Mass Arms Co., guns were probably sold to a large hardware distributor located in Kansas. This confusing organization apparently moved to Chicopee Falls in the early 1930's shortly before going out of business. Their assete were purchased by Savage Arms.Most of this info. was gathared from either Bob Hinman's "Golden Age of shotgunning" or the "The Blue Book of Gun Values" by Fjestat. This last publication is available at most large bookstores.

Although the company dates back to 1864, the name "J Stevens Arms Co" was not used until after the company was bought by Savage Arms in 1920. In the mid 1940s, the name was shortened to "Stevens".

no Co. is an abbreviation for company But there are differences between: * J. Stevens and Co. * J. Stevens Arms and Tool Co. * J. Stevens Arms Co. * Stevens and * Stevens - Savage

Red Chieftain shotguns were made by Crescent Arms Arms Co and J Stevens Arms Co for the Supplee-Biddle Hardware Co.

Mass. Arms of Chicopee Falls was a large gunmaker that later became Stevens. Does that match up to your gun? No reference I have lists Chicopee Arms. S0- what did you want to know?

Cresent Arms was bought by H&D Folson Arms Co. NY. Then in 1930 it merged with Davis Warner Arms Co. and became Cresent-Davis Arms Corporation. Cresent-Davis was then bought out in 1932 by Stevens Arms Co.

do you know when wolverine arms co produced this gun? do you know when wolverine arms co produced this gun?

I have a single shot 22 cal. rifle that has J. Stevers Arms & Tool Co. on the top of the barrel. It also has *crack-shot* and B2-SHORT on the barrel. It appears to be made in Chicocee Falls, Mass. (maybe Chicopee Falls, Mass.) Trying to get info about it!

Volunteer and Volunteer Arms Co were trade names held by Belknap Hardware and used on guns made by Crescent Firearms Co, Crescent-Davis Arms Corp, Davis=Warner Arms Corp, Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle, Harrington & Richardson Arms Co, J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co, and possibly other manufacturers.

About 1886, if the marking is J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co.

Janssen Fils & Co if it has Belgian proofmarks or Crescent Fire Arms Co if it does not.

Shotguns marked simply 'Delphian' were manufactured by Crescent Fire Arms Co or J. Stevens Arms Co. If the mark reads 'Delphian Manufacturing Co' it is a Crescent product. Others marked as 'Delphian Arms Co' were made by Crescent, Hunter Arms Co, or imported from Belgium, and retailed by Supplee-Biddle Hardware Co.

No published sn data. Turn of the century give or take a few decades

Stanley Arms Co: Made in Belgium by F. Dumoulin & Co for Wiebusch & Hilger Co of New York City, circa 1904.

Stevens guns were made at the plant in Chicopee Falls, Mass. Guns made from 1864 to 1886 will be marked J. STEVENS & CO. From 1886 to 1916 they were marked J. STEVENS A & T CO or J. STEVENS ARMS & TOOL CO. No Stevens firearms were manufactured from 1916 until 1920 when Savage Arms purchased the facilities and name. From 1920 until 1942 (or '48) Savage marked guns J. STEVENS ARMS CO and after that simply STEVENS or STEVENS/SAVAGE. The Stevens name was discontinued in 1991.

Folsom Arms Co was a trade name used by H&D Folsom Arms Company (1849 - 1954). These guns were manufactured by Crescent Fire Arms Co (1892-1931). Shotguns marked with this name were also imported from Belgium.

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