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Tesla moved to the United States in 1884. When he arrived, he worked as an assistant to Thomas Edison, then in his late 30's. Edison had just invented the electric light bulb, but he needed a system to distribute electricity to houses. He designed a DC (direct current) system, but it had many bugs in it. Edison promised Tesla lots of money in bonuses if he could get the bugs out. Tesla took the challenge and ended up saving Edison over $100,000, which was millions of dollars by today's standards. Edison later refused to keep his promise. Tesla quit not long after that, and Edison spent the rest of his life trying to discredit Tesla which is the main reason why he is so unknown today. Edison was envious of him and instead of working a relatioship and working with him, the rest is known.

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Q: When did Nikola Tesla invent better electricity than the one Thomas Edison invented?
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Where did Thomas Edison invented electricity?

Thomas Edison did not invent electricity. He invented means of making use of electricity.

Did Thomas Edison invented elctricity?

No, Thomas Edison invented uses for electricity. Electricity is a part of nature.

Who stole Nikola Tesla's file about electricity?

The ruthless Thomas Alva Edison

Who contributed to the science of electricity?

Thales, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin.

Why did thomas Edison hate Nikola Tesla?

They argued about the safest way to conduct electricity.

Did Nikola Tesla hate Thomas Edison?

They argued about the safest way to conduct electricity.

Who invented the mass produced electricity?

Thomas Alva Edison

What are ways electricity changed the late 1800s and early 1900s?

There were 4 main ways. Elevators, lights, streetcars, and subways. They were all invented by Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla.

Who invented lightbulbs?

That would depend on the type. Thomas Edison invented the incandescent bulb. Nikola Tesla invented the florescent bulb (before Edison by the way). Ed Zubler invented the halogen.

Who invented the generator of electricity?

Either Issac Newton or Thomas Edison

What was the name of the scientist who invented AC?

The name of the scientist who invented AC electricity is Nikola Tesla. Thomas Edison fiercely competed with Tesla over the type of current energy grids would use. Edison lost the 'war of currents' because his DC electricity was impractical for long range energy transmission.

Who invented current thomas alwa Edison Michael Faraday Nikola Tesla thales or if some other person please name them?

Nikola Tesla patented alternate current which is used worldwide to light house ad buildings. Edison began selling electricity with the direct current but lost all the grandeur.