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The area now known as Scotland was first inhabited around 14,000 years ago at the end of the last Ice Age. (There may have been earlier inhabitants, but if so they left no trace.) It truly became Scotland, the land of the Scots, with the arrival of the Scoti or Scotti, Gaelic-speaking raiders from Ireland, in the fifth century A.D. Prior to that time the land was inhabited by Picts and Britons and known (at least to the Romans) as Caledonia.
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Where is Scotland?

Scotland occupies the northern part of the Island of Great Britain and has a common border with England. Scotland is in Great Britain it shares a border with England and is part of Europe. There are also Ireland and Wales in Great Britain, But Scotland is the Best, yeh, ROCK ON SCOTLAND,Yeh!!!!!!!!! ( Full Answer )

When did England and Scotland become united?

Answer King James VI of Scotland became King James I of England in 1603 when he inherited the throne from Queen Elizabeth I. This is often referred to as the "personal union" of the crowns, because the same person held the two crowns at the same time. in 1697 - 1700, the Scots attempted to cr ( Full Answer )

How did wolves become extinct in Scotland?

Scottish wolves became extinct because they were causing destruction and were an nuisance for farmers. The wolves were then hunted and killed, as years went by wolves began to die out until they were eventually extinct. Since then, no one has seen a wolf in Scotland.

When did England Scotland Ireland and Wales become Great Britain?

Great Britain, is made up of England, Scotland and Wales, threeseparate countries. Ireland is a completely separate island, so itis not part of Great Britain. In January 1801, a time when Irelandwas under British rule, "The United Kingdom of Great Britain andIreland" was created. So Ireland was part ( Full Answer )

Who becomes king of scotland after macbeth's death?

After the death of Macbeth in battle in 1057 the Scottish crown went to his stepson Lulach "the Unfortunate" who was assassinated after only a year. Lulach was followed by Malcolm III "The Great Chief" who was king from 1058-1093

When did Scotland become a part of England?

Scotland is not, never has been and never will be a part of England. Scotland is a country which is in a political union with England(inc Wales) and six counties of Ireland.. Comment:. To refer to Scotland as being England (or part of England) has the same effect on a scotsman/woman as saying Amer ( Full Answer )

When did Scotland first become recognisable under one ruler?

Scotland didn't become recognisable under one ruler - it was recognisable in it's own right for a considerable period beofre this. However, the Union of the Crowns occurred on the death of Elizabeth I in England this is when James VI of Scotland also became James I of England. The Union of The Crown ( Full Answer )

When and if Prince William becomes king what number William will he be of Scotland?

Assuming Scotland remains in the United Kingdom, and assuming he chose to be called King William (he doesn't have to), he would be called William V everywhere (because the last William was William IV). Even though there have only been three previous kings called William in Scotland, the highest numb ( Full Answer )

When did Scotland become a country?

Scotland became a 'country' in the 9th century. But it's present border with England did not take shape until the early 13th century. Scotland wasn't even known as 'Scotland' until the 11th century. It was known as Alba before that.

How did Saint Margaret of Scotland become a saint?

She always taught people to do right things, she has her own chapel in Scotland and still today it is there but its forgotten. She taught at the chapel, everyone would come and Margaret would dedicate her life for Jesus.

When did Scotland become independent?

Scotland has not been independent since 1603. It has its ownparliament with limited tax-raising and legislative powers, butstill has the Queen of the United Kingdom as Head of State.

When did bears become extinct in Scotland?

There is no accurate record of the death of the last bear in Scotland or indeed of the death of the last bear anywhere in Britain. Historians estimate that it probably occured around the end of the first millenium, in the centuries after the Romans had left Britain, a time which is commonly known as ( Full Answer )

Did Macbeth fight because he wanted to become King of Scotland?

"Don't believe Shakespeare, Macbeth was one of Scotland's better kings." Actually, you should believe Shakespeare since he wrote the play. And Macbeth was not "one of Scotland's better kings," for two reasons. 1). Macbeth was evil and bloodthirsty, only thinking about himself and how to get ( Full Answer )

What can you do in Scotland?

ok almost anything, skiing theme parks rubbish tourist crap shops and tours all claiming to be the original Scotland tour western isles inverness culloden Moore edinburugh castle Glasgow ................................................................................... Live. The ( Full Answer )

What is there to do in Scotland?

Scotland is a very beautiful country. And you can do all things that can be done in Occident. What do you believe Scotland is ? A country where there are only castles, men with kilts eating haggis and drinking beer, waiting to see a monster in a lake ? Scotland is an industrialized and modern countr ( Full Answer )

What are the odds on Scotland becoming independent?

I think the chance of Scotland becoming independent will be an idea that will be left to brew for fifty years maybe until we deal with our major social problems obesity drugs and poor unemployment we would also partake in the idea of England invading with their larger army to steal our oil

When did Scotland become a British territory?

Always. The Crowns of Scotland & England were united in 1603 when Scotland's James VI inherited the English Throne. The Parliaments were united in 1707.. That's not 'always'. Scotland is not a 'British Territory'. It is a country within the United Kingdom. Just as England, Wales and Northern Irelan ( Full Answer )

How can you become a citizen of Scotland?

I refer you to the answer to the 'president of scotland' question.. In summary Scotland is not a country, merely a region of the United Kingdom, so if you live in Scotland you are a United Kingdom (British) subject (not strictly a citizen).

Who becomes the new king of Scotland in Macbeth?

A the begining of the play Duncan is the King of Scotland; but Macbeth murders him and becomes king. At the end of the play Duncan's son Malcom overthrows Macbeth to become Malcom III King of Scots.

Why should Scotland become independent?

There are many arguments for and against Scotland becoming an illegal country, one supporting this argument is that Scotland's government would be able to decide a lot more, whereas now many things are decided for Scotland through Westminster, in England.

Why did Scotland become a part of Canada?

Scotland is not a part of Canada. Scotland is part of the United Kingdom. There is a province of Canada which is called Nova Scotia, which means New Scotland but while it may be named after Scotland it is not Scotland.

What are Scotland?

Scotland is a country that is part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Occupying the northern third of the island of Great Britain, it shares a border with England to the south and is bounded by the North Sea to the east, the Atlantic Ocean to the north and west, and the Nor ( Full Answer )

Should Scotland become independent?

That's a matter of opinion. They have considerable self-rule now. . No! If we become independent we will not survive. We will have little money, we will not be a large super power in the UN or EU. We will simply be a tiny little country attached to England that once used to be part of the United ( Full Answer )

When did Christmas become a holiday in Scotland?

Because Christmas was named before as tibutcha scotish. then they named it Christmas after thanksgiving for the death of there god hiki.... theres the answer Matthew edward ward

How did Scotland become part of the union of Great Britain?

Scotland joined the political union of the Kingdom of Great Britainin 1707. Scotland had been an independent sovereign state in the EarlyMiddle Ages and had continued to exist with their own monarchs andlaws until the early 18th century. In 1603, Queen Elizabeth I ofEngland died with no heirs and pa ( Full Answer )

How did Scotland become famous?

Through there famously known accent and there possibly best comedian Billy Connolly. Scotland is one of the most well known parts of The United Kingdom. It is very interesting learning about scottish culture and events. -Thomas Nimmo Scotsman

How did England and Scotland become the United Kingdom?

Great Britain wasn't always just England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Scotland never wanted to become Great Britain. Scotland had war with England and Wales. England won, so Scotland would have to stay Great Britain.

What licenses required to become a vehicle repossession agent in Scotland?

To go it alone you will need a a Credit Consumer License, allowing you to look at peoples debts basically, a Data Protection License for obvious reasons Repossession insurance, a vehicle and two drivers, trade plates and some other various recovery equipment. Or instead of two drivers, plates and t ( Full Answer )

When did Scotland become a part og the UK?

From Wikipedia: "On 22 July 1706, the Treaty of Union was agreed between representatives of the Scots Parliament and the Parliament of England and the following year twin Acts of Union were passed by both parliaments to create the united Kingdom of Great Britain with effect from 1 May 1707 ( Full Answer )

How old was Maria Stuart she become quin of Scotland?

Mary Stuart became queen of Scotland - at just six days old ! She was born on the 8th of December 1542. Her father, James V of Scotland died just six days later - on the 14th. Making her just six days old when she inherited the throne. Most of her childhood was spent in France - while 'regents' r ( Full Answer )

Why should Scotland not become independent?

Small units are usually stronger when they are part of a larger unit. Therefore, Scotland is probably better off by being part of the United Kingdom.

How did Scotland become part of the United Kingdom?

Initially, King James VI of Scotland became King James I of England in 1603 as heir of Elizabeth I. This united the crowns England and Scotland. Slowly the governments merged, with most power gravitating to London. In 1707 the parliaments of Scotland and England merged to form the United Kingdom.

Will Scotland join the European Union if they become independent?

That remains to be seen. Scotland wouldn't gain immediate entry,they would have to apply and meet the criteria for membershipbefore they could become a member. The SNP have said that this willnot be the case but EU officials have said it will.

Will Scotland and England become independent?

The question over wither or not Scotland will become an independentcountry will be answered in September. It is very hard to get anaccurate public opinion at the moment as a large portion of thepopulation are undecided, although polls do routinely suggest theresult would be no if taken now. As for ( Full Answer )