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When did Winchester make a 94 with a stock other than walnut and a stamped shell guide?

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You have what appears to be a octagon barrell possibly a 22 no other writing on it but on the bottom of the stock is the 29363 looks like a Winchester trying to find its value?

Can you post a photo someplace? I've never heard of a Winchester model that didn't have the Winchester name, the chambering and the model number stamped on it, even the lowest end guns that didn't get serial numbers still had markings. I seriously doubt it's a Winchester.

Are English walnut trees toxic to other trees?


What does a walnut on a tree look like?

A walnut tree looks like many other trees except for the fact it grows walnuts. Here are some links, 1 of a walnut and 1 of a walnut tree. Paste links into web tab bar:

Why are there other dates stamped on my gold plated 1969 half dollar?

There shouldn't be any other dates stamped on your half dollar. Only the date 1969.

Does the model 62 Winchester come with any other barrel length other than 23?

According to the George Madis Winchester handbook---NO

Where are walnut trees found?

Several Walnut trees are located in the United States, other ones are in Southern Europe but brought from the United States. It is grown commercially in California and Oregon.

Have you ever seen a 1943 florin stamped into a bottle cap medallion?

No, I have never seen a 1943 Florin stamped into a bottle cap, but I have seen plenty of other coins stamped into bottle caps.

What does it mean if a piece of silver is only stamped sterling?

Sterling stamped on any item is .925 silver and .075 other base metal.

Why would there be no serial number on a Winchester Model 1886?

All Winchester model 1886 rifles were given a serial number at the factory, stamped on the tang. If there is no serial number on the tang it is likely that the tang was replaced at the factory. This was not unusual. Other common reasons for no serial number: 1. The gun has been aggressively cleaned and the number may have been buffed off. Serial numbers 1 to about 120,000 were lightly stamped. 2. The gun is a stolen firearm where the number was deliberately filed off. These firearms should be shunned by all shooters and collectors.

What is the difference between Winchester 30 30 and Winchester 44 mag?

One is a rifle round, the other is a pistol round.

Does walnut oil get rid of belly fat?

yes, on doctor Oz the other day he talked about a few oils on his show, and walnut oil was one of the oils he talked about to help get rid of belly fat

What different types of ammunition can be used in a Smith and Wesson 32 caliber military and police model 1905 hand ejector 2nd change revolver on the barrel is stamped 32 Winchester ctg?

32-20. Does not interchange with other .32s. Good cartridge, good revolver.

What are the seven hills of Cincinnati?

Regardless of what any other answers may be, the seven are: Mt. Auburn Mt. Adams Walnut Hills (Origninally Walnut Hill Farm) Clifton Price Hill Fairmont Fairview There are many other "Mt" and "Hills" in Cincinnati, but these are the original 7.

What is the manufacture date for Winchester 3562576?

are we talking a model 1894,or some other Winchester model?I will need to know the model number to get you a accurate answer.

What companies offer cable internet service in walnut creek ca?

There are two cable companies that service Walnut Creek California. One is called Astound and the other is called Comcast. You can sign up with either online.

What state was Little House on the Prairie from?

Walnut Grove is Minnesota, but they lived in Kansas prior and other states as well

What does 14KN stamped on the inside of a diamond ring mean?

other alloy than gold

What does ca mean stamped on ring?

Can be ring (class) (a) or other kind alloys metal mixed or (ca) California ring, or other company name.Because the stamped on in the ring depending who company made, Can be like L.L.E.P. or C.U.I. Inc. Sincerely.

You have two Winchester rifles and you wonder what their value might be One is a Winchester 250 lever action and the other is a Winchester 190 simi-automatic?

It will be worth nothing If HELLery Clinton gets in as she is all for gun confiscations (IMHO)

On a gold pin what does the mark of 2 acorns back to back with an I stamped in one and an U stamped on the other along with a D inside of a square stamped on it mean?

I have a 14k gold gold pocket watch case that has the same hallmark on it as well. I still haven't found out who the maker is.

What other Winchester shotgun barrels will inner change with model 1400?


Did Winchester make shotguns for Sears?

Along with several other companies- yes.

What is walnut wood used for?

Walnut wood can be used for most anything any other wood is used for, the properties of the wood determines what it's best use would be, it's mostly used for furniture, but take caution, the dust is toxic when worked.

When did the government require jewelry to be stamped sterling?

is 92.5% silver. The other 7.5% is usually copper, but can include other metals. Copper

What model is a Winchester ranger 3030 rifle serial number 5552144?

Generally it is a model 94 although Winchester used the Ranger name for other firearms as well.

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