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Until more "discoveries" are made; the first recorded casualty was in 1956.

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Q: When did casualty start?
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What time does casualty start?

Casualty starts at 9:00pm on saturday hope this helps :))

When did the television series casualty start?

6th of September 1986 (:

What are the ratings and certificates for Casualty - 1986 Jump Start 1-4?

Casualty - 1986 Jump Start 1-4 is rated/received certificates of: UK:12

What comes first during CPR compressions or breaths?

If the casualty is an adult then start with compressions. If the casualty is an adult, but has come out of water then 5 rescue breaths should be given before the usual 30/2 is given. If the casualty is a child or infant out of water or not you should start with 5 rescue breaths then continue with the usual 30/2.

What year did the tv program casualty start?

It was first broadcast on the 6th of September 1986.

When did casualty finish?

Casualty is still aired.

What is the definition of maritime casualty?

what is "maritime casualty"

When did darragh mortell start acting?

well he first acted in casualty then moved on to act in Tracy beaker! xx

What rhymes with casualty?

There are no perfect rhymes for the word casualty.

What rank must CAO be in comparison to the casualty?

A Casualty Assistance Officer must be of equal or higher rank than the casualty. This is also true of the Casualty Notification Officer.

What is good sentence with the word casualty?

The building was a casualty to the fire.

What is the difference between an injury and casualty?

The person with the injury is the casualty.

When was California Casualty created?

California Casualty was created in 1914.

What are the ratings and certificates for Casualty - 1986 Welcome to Casualty 3-1?

Casualty - 1986 Welcome to Casualty 3-1 is rated/received certificates of: UK:12

If a casualty is not able to decontaminate himself or administer the proper chemical agent who will assist the casualty and take responsibility for the casualty care?


What insurance can you sell with only a casualty license in Illinois?

casualty insurance

What is the plural of casualty?

The plural of casualty is casualties. As in "the casualties were rushed to hospital".

A sentence using the word casualty?

The operation sustained a low casualty rate.The casualty of the party reflected the laid back state of the host.

When was General Casualty Insurance created?

General Casualty Insurance was created in 1925.

What is General Casualty Insurance's population?

General Casualty Insurance's population is 2,004.

When was Hopalong Casualty created?

Hopalong Casualty was created on 1960-10-08.

When was Casualty Actuarial Society created?

Casualty Actuarial Society was created in 1914.

How can you use the word casualty in a sentence?

The word casualty is a singular, common, abstract noun. Example sentence: The bus crash resulted in just one casualty.

What does the word casualty mean?

Answer Casualty means soldiers both wounded and killed in combat.

A sentence for casualty?

During his three tours in the 'Nam, he never once became a casualty.