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Norman knights, priests and advisors were invited to come to England by king Edward the Confessor in the year 1051 - they were arrogant, aggressive and universally hated by the English. Edward had the idea of creating a Norman "buffer zone" in Herefordshire and along the Welsh border, since the Welsh had been raiding into England and causing much trouble.

The first castles in England were built here and the Normans attempted to train the local English troops in fighting as mounted cavalry, with disastrous and comical results.

Popular hatred for these first Normans on English soil resulted in an armed uprising against them in 1052, when most of them fled back to Normandy.

Then there were no knights in England until the Norman invasion of 14 years later:

When? It was on 29th September 1066.

Where? At Bulverhithe, Pevensey Bay, Sussex.

Knights and the feudal system were a feature of the culture of continental Europe and the Normans copied the idea from their French hosts. They then brought those ideas (and more) to England.

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Knights arrived in England after the Norman Conquest in 1066, when William the Conqueror established feudalism and introduced the concept of knighthood to the country. The feudal system brought a structured hierarchy of knights, who were armored cavalry soldiers serving under the nobility.

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Knights came from various countries located in Europe. The earliest records of nights date back to Romans who had an ancient class of knights.

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Medieval knights were mostly in Europe but knights were located everywhere

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ask tia what cider country is

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Q: When did knights come to England?
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