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When did slavery start before the US Civil War happened?

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In speaking about the Continent of North America, slaves were brought to the settlement of the British in Jamestown in the early 17th century. This is now part of the US state of Virginia. It took until 1861 before slavery became an issue in the US Civil War. Earlier slaves were brought to Spanish held areas in the Gulf of Mexico.

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When did slavery become an issue The start of the war middle or the end.?

slavery became an issue many years before the civil war.

What was the goal of republican party before the start of the Civil War?

Equality for all men; abolish slavery.

Why did the suffrage movement get off to a slow start?

In the years before the civil war, abolishing slavery took priority

Did Abraham Lincoln start the civil war on slavery?


How does Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel Uncle Tom's Cabin relate to the Civil War?

When the book was published it gave a view of slavery that hasn't been given before and caused people to discuss and think about slavery. This took place just before the start of the civil war and contributed to the discussion about how to abolish slavery.

When did slavery become a problem in the US making the Civil War start?

The civil war started over "States Rights", not slavery.

What issues or events lead to the start of the civil war?

Slavery caused the civil war

Did slavery start bc?

Slavery did start in BC. Slavery has been a part of civilization since the dawn of time. Slavery was abolished in the United States after the Civil War from 1861 to 1865.

How did civil war start?

it started because of slavery and the economy

What effects did john brown have on slavery?

He helped to start the Civil War, and the war brought about the end of slavery.

What was Abraham lincolns goal at the start of the civil war?

To end slavery.

Did slavery start in 1850?

No, slavery started long before, in Ancient countries.

What big war caused because of slavery?

It is NOT the "civil war". Slavery was a very minor issue at the start of the war.

How did Abolitionism helped start the Civil war?

states were fighting over slavery.

Why did the North start the Civil War?

they did not like slavery the thought it was wrong the south did not

When did slavery start in Texas?

Slavery was part of Texas culture before it entered the Union.

How can you end that slavery didn't start the civil war?

No one in their right mind, can say or prove that slavery had nothing to do with the American Civil War. In American History, it's plain to see that slavery was a major reason of why the Civil War was fought for 4 long and hard years.

What events happened in April 1861?

The start of the Civil War.

What happened to start the civil war 1861?

the president which is Abe Lincoln didn't want slavery to spread. but the south did so they got mad and separated from the US, and attack fort Sumter which started it .

Did the women suffrage start after the civil war?

well I was 29 years old when i was in slavery. so i was fighting in the civil war and was able to win. After that I was alive and told my grand child Miguel about the story of the civil war. It was after the civil war when the African Americans were released from slavery.

What important event signaled the start of the civil war?

Abraham licon wanting to stop slavery

How did Uncle Tom's Cabin contributed to the start of the civil war?

intensifying the northern dislike of slavery

What did Harriet Beecher Stowe do to influence the debate over slavery?

Pushed for the start of the civil war.

Did the US purchased purchased Alaska from Russia?

did the Civil War start over issues of slavery

When did slavery start in the south?

Slavery started when the colonies were first set-up, but the south just refused to stop using them, which brought about the civil war...

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