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Spaghetti comes from Italy!

What language does the word spaghetti come from

Spaghetti is an Italian word.

the word spaghetti came from Italy

spaghetti bolognaise comes from Italy

spaghetti came from china. It was known as lo mein.

Most spaghetti is made from wheat, particularly durum semolina.

Fairly certain that it is not normal for spaghetti to come out of your nose, most people do not have this problem. If you have an issue with spaghetti consistently coming out of your nose, especially if you are not laughing while eating spaghetti, please seek help from a licensed physician.

The tin of Spaghetti comes from Italy as pasta is the staple food of Italy

Spaghetti originally came from China. I know hard to believe. Most people think that spaghetti first came from Italy but they are incorrect.

The pronoun to use is "it," since spaghetti is a thing.Example : "Come eat your spaghetti before it gets cold."(In Italian, spaghetti is the plural of spaghetto, and uses theplural pronoun gli.)

Spaghetti Junction just north of Birmingham.

Yes, along with other pastas

brought back by aarab travelers. (:

Italians come to England to be tourists. They come to England to learn the English language. They come to England to study at one of the many schools. They come to England to take vacations. They come to England to understandEnglish culture and ways of doing things. They come to England to visit friends and places. They come to England to work.

It came wit European Imigrants probably via England, originaly.

Uncooked spaghetti is available in boxes or wrapped in plastic. Cooked spaghetti can be found in cans or jars. Frozen spaghetti is generally available boxed in heat proof containers.

pizza canoli spaghetti pasta

Pasta seems to have developed in more than one place independently... earlier in China. But Spaghetti as we know it definitely began in Italy.

gli spaghetti - the spaghetti

Firefighters refer to spaghetti the same as you do, Spaghetti is Spaghetti.

the sauce was made in MEXICO the sauce was made in MEXICO

Spaghetti is a long, thin, cylindricalpasta of Italianorigin.

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