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It began in 1945 and ended in 1991. The cold war was not a war in the conventional sense. The communist countries and the free countries were basicly building up weapons stores in an attempt to seem more powerful than the other, and while doing this each side stayed in a constant state of heightened readiness waiting for the other to do something.

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Q: When did the Cold War occur?
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Did Cold War occur After Vietman War?

No the Cold War was the reason why the Vietnam War happened.

Were did the Cold War occur and when?

The cold war was world wide; and commenced in 1945 and ended in 1990.

Did direct military confrontation occur in the cold war?

Korean War and Vietnam War.

What events occur before the cold war?


What are links between world war 1 and the cold war?

None. The atomic bomb created the cold war; and that didn't occur until WWII.

Did World War 1 occur first before the cold war?

i dont know but your mom did

What did not occur after the Cold War ended?

Conflict ending in Eastern Europe

Were did the cold war occur?

While historians are not unanimous, it is generally agreed upon that the Cold War began in 1947 and ended in 1991. The two major powers involved in the Cold War were the United States and the Soviet Union.

Why did the Cold War occur?

the cold war was all about power. the two major superpowers at the time, the USSR and the US, fougth each other with words for power.

Did the Chernobyl Meltdown occur during or after the Cold War?

The Chernobyl accident occurred in 1986, several years before the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War.

Where did the 8 bloodiest minutes of the US Civil War occur?

At the battle of Cold Harbor.

Where in southeast Asia did a cold war era conflict between the us and communist occur?


Why did they call the cold war as the cold war?

They call the cold war the cold because it was a war that wasn't violent but it was a war of war

Why did no fighting ever occur during the Cold War?

During the Cold War era, the main reason why the United States and the Soviet Union were reluctant to engage in direct military conflict because there was a great potential for global nuclear destruction. ... This gigantic global struggle was known as the Cold War.

How did the cold war affect the cold war front?

There was no "front" in the Cold War.

Why was the Vietnam War a cold war?

Some called this war "The Hot Battle of the Cold War". It was during the cold war era but not at all cold.

What do you call Cold War today?

The Cold War is still called the Cold War.

Was the cold war a war?

Doesnt have " war " the end cold WAR

Can cold sores occur without burning and tingling?

Cold sores can occur without burning and tingling; but most of the time burning and tingling will occur.

Why was the cold war quiet?

Because it was a cold war (no war).

What was the basis of peace in the cold war?

Peace of the Cold War was from a settlement. The Cold War was a long and hard war.

Was the Korean war an example of the cold war?

Not an example of the cold war; an example of the cold war is NO WAR AT ALL! Cold War=military stand-off (no fighting). Korea was the first HOT battle of the cold war. (Hot=A real shootin war!).

When did the baby boom occur during the cold war?

The baby boom occured right after the end of World War II when all the men came home from Europe.

When do cold fronts occur?

Cold fronts occur when masses of cold air with varying temperatures collide. When this occurs, it results in the warm air rising and being replaced with the cold air.

Korean War in cold war?

Hot battle of the cold war.