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When did the Indians come to America?

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Experts speculate 30,000-15,000 years ago. Many Native American tribes believe they were created on the North American Continent.

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The Indians did not take any route to come to America. The Indians were on the land before it became the United States of America.

"Indians" didn't come to america.. We were already here when the Europeans came to America. Columbus thought he was in India, therefore- he called us Indians.

When Christopher Columbus landed in America he thought he was in India so he called the people Indians.

They came to the Americas in about 1000 B.C.

Lacrosse came from the Indians who first settled in America.

The Mayan Indians lived in Central America, northern South America, and in Mexico. The Mayan civilization was very large and far reaching.

It helped by making Indians come to America to help out and become freinds with the guests that visited America.

From what I know, and its not much, Indians have always lived in America. They were here before us. They have always been here.

it comes from America!! The Indians had it and introduced it to the English. actually it comes from Mexico.

they came from the west indies and Christopher Columbus did not discover America the Indians did.

Some people think that the Indians came from Asia during the ice age and ended up in Alaska and moved south.

Another name for Indians is Natives, or Native Americans if they come from America. However, the best name for Indians is" Indigenous" people meaning they are the natural inhabitants of the land.

Wheat came to America in the 1600, as early as 1608, to the Elizibeth Islands off the coast of Massachutessets... then the Indians died...

you've got that one backwards hon....... America came to the us.

Before Indians America had no human population (and perhaps it was better).

when Columbus came to America he thought he was in India so he called native americans indians

Why did the Indians come to Australia

Arawak Indians came frm many of places in the west indies such as Barbados, Bahamas and so much more. It is believed that they came from South America!

The spanish did acually own America after the whites fought off the Indians then the whites and spanish fought over America . The whites won and took over American land.

Americans come from England, Africa, Mexico, Spain, Native Americans aka Indians. All these ethnicity make an American. The only American that can trace there background to America is Native Americans aka Indians or Mexicans.

in what year did the paleo Indians spread throughout America

Experts speculate that Native Americans (Indians) arrived 30,000-15,000 years ago.

Many historians believe that theLenape Indians came from the continent of Asia by foot because Asia and North America where connected at the time and they were looking for food.