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When did the Island of Mindoro Philippines emerged from the sea?

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the deepest sea in the philippinesIN MINDORO SEA 35+THOUSAND FEET..... SECOND IN MINDANAO....

The Sulu Sea is the largest sea separating islands of the Philippines. It is located between the Mindanao Island and the Palawan section of the Visayas Island.

The archipelagic doctrine of the Philippines states that archipelago is defined as a sea of part of a sea studded with islands. These are often synonymous with island groups, or as a large group of island in an extensive body of water, such as sea.

That would be the Pacific Ocean, in particular the Philippine Sea to the east, South China Sea to the west, and Sulu Sea to the south.

The sea you will cross if you travel from the Philippines to Vietnam is the South China Sea. Vietnam is west of the Philippines.

No, Manila is the capital of the Philippines; an island nation in the South China Sea, southeast of the continent of Asia.

Japanese were defeated and their sea power was broken- by cleared the Island of Japanese

..........the China Sea, Celebes Sea, the Philippines sea and the Pacific ocean

My skin was very wrinkled when I finally emerged from the tub. The entire ship's crew was spellbound when the Collossal Squid emerged from the sea.

The sea that is located between Vietnam and the Republic of the Philippines is the South China Sea

The SOUTH CHINA SEA separates Vietnam from the Philippines.

There are actually four bodies of water that separate the Philippines from the rest of Asia. These are the South China Sea and the East Vietnam Sea to the west of the Philippines, and the Sulu Sea and Celebes Sea to the south of the Philippines. The West Philippine Sea separates the Philippines from Taiwan and China; the East Vietnam Sea from Vietnam; the Sulu Sea from Borneo; and the Celebes Sea from Indonesia.

Name three seas that border the Philippines? The three seas that border the Philippines are the South China Sea, the Celebes Sea and the Philippine Sea

The Philippine Sea is the largest sea in the Philippines. It is facing the Pacific to Guam and Hawaii

Moro The Celebes Sea of the western Pacific Ocean has two gulfs: Davao Gulf and Moro Gulf both of which are at the coast of Mindanao Island of the Philippines. The Celebes Sea is surrounded by the Sulu Sea and the Philippines on the north. The Sangihe Islands chain to the east. Sulawasi to the south. Kalimatan, Indonesia to the west. == ==

No, Peru is a country on the west coast of South America sharing borders with Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, and Chile. The Philippines is an island nation located between the South China Sea and the Philippine Sea. The nations nearest to the Philippines are China to the north, Malaysia and Indonesia to the southwest and south.

It is located in the Philippines Islands 22 km NE of Camiguin Island. It erupted it's way out of the sea in 1952 to form it's own island.

There are three seas surrounding the Philippines. They are the Celebes Sea, the Philippine Sea and the South China Sea

Three seas that surround the Philippines include: Celebes Sea South China Sea Arafura Sea

The sea located between Vietname and the Philippines is the South China Sea.

Three seas that surround the Philippines include: Celebes Sea South China Sea Arafura Sea

· Visayan Sea (Philippines)

At the northern part of the Philippines: Bashi Channel At the southern part of the Philippines: Celebes Sea At the western part of the Philippines: South - China Sea At the eastern part of the Philipppines: Pacific Ocean Philippine Sea

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