When did the darfur genocide first occur?

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Before 1944
*EDIT* The current situation actually started in the mid-80's, and has been continuing since then, there may have been a previous situation, but i have no knowledge of that
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Who was affected by the darfur genocide?

Women, children, elderly men, and many of them died from hunger anddieases caused by hunger and malnutrition. An estmated 400 000seemed to be the victims.

Is there genocide in darfur?

YES. Genocide is the deliberate extermination of a political, racial, color, ect. group.. This is exactly what is going on in Darfur. People in Sudan who are black and NOT Mu

Is genocide still going on in darfur?

Its not stopped, though killings are sporadic. The peak of killing,massacar was in 2003. Thousands died, million displaced, Now peacekeepers are there
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Why was the Darfur Sudan genocide caused?

Some of the Darfur tried make an uprising, SudaneseGovt reacted. They sponsored the Janjaweed to destroy the uprising.Janjaweed started the massacre in 2003 Feb
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How long was the darfur genocide?

It is debatable when exactly the tragic genocide ended, but in fact begun in 2003 and roughly ended in the later months of 2007. - Andrew Lawrence