When did the first life originated and what was it?

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Evidence suggests that life first evolved around 3.5 billion years ago. This evidence takes the form of microfossils (fossils too small to be seen without the aid of a microscope) and ancient rock structures in South Africa and Australia called stromatolites. Stromatolites are produced by microbes (mainly photosynthesizing cyanobacteria) that form thin microbial films which trap mud; over time, layers of these mud/microbe mats can build up into a layered rock structure - the stromatolite. Stromatolites are still produced by microbes today. These modern stromatolites are remarkably similar to the ancient stromatolites which provide evidence of some of the earliest life on Earth. Modern and ancient stromatolites have similar shapes and, when seen in cross section, both show the same fine layering produced by thin bacterial sheets. Microfossils of ancient cyanobacteria can sometimes be identified within these layers.
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What is the origin of all life?

Creationism . God is the origin and the creator of all life. He created all that exists and all that exists.. Science . After the Earth had been formed over 4.6 billion years ago scientists believe that the energy from heat, lightning, or radioactive elements caused the formation of complex prote ( Full Answer )

How did life originate on earth?

...molecules became ever more complex, amino acids, proteins, an early form of replicating RNA ....

How did life originate on this planet?

Life on the earth has originated from primordial membranes. This is the sequence of events. . First the hydrocarbon molecules formed and in watery medium became bi-layered membranes. . A biological big bang occurred which imparted electrical potentials across these membranes. These membrane p ( Full Answer )

Who is the original artist of Life is a Highway?

Tom Cochrane The song "Life Is a Highway" was originally written and performed by Tom Cochrane. It was on his 1991 album "Mad Mad World". The song was a #1 hit in Cochrane's native Canada and peaked at #6 on the U.S. Billboard charts in 1992. But back in the 70's The J Giels band did record this ( Full Answer )

Theories of origin of life?

No one else has been able to propose any widely accepted theory. Darwin's theory of evolution concerns the origin of SPECIES once life already came into existence. It does not incorporate the concept of abiogenesis (life from non life) yet. For the origin of life there is the RNA world hypothesis ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the phrase 'the life of Riley'?

The phrase originated in the Irish/American community of the USA, in the early part of the 20th century. The first printed citation of it that I have found is from the Connecticut newspaper The Hartford Courant , December 1911 - in a piece headed ' Bullet Ends Life of Famous Wild Cow ':. The famous ( Full Answer )

Where did life originate?

Life originated in the oceans over 3 billion years ago. The oceans were full of many organic molecules and this is where life assembled. According to modern evolutionary theories and the studies of cell development, many scientists have concluded that life originated as small prokaryotic life forms ( Full Answer )

What are the views on the origin of life in Judaism?

God created life. The Torah's description of creation simply tellsus what God did, not how He did it. Some Jews, including someOrthodox Jews, find no conflict between the story of creation andthe Big Bang Theory and theory of evolution. . Jewish answer God created life. Consider these points: ( Full Answer )

What are the different theories about the origin of life?

1. Abiogenesis In the natural sciences, abiogenesis - also known asspontaneous generation - is the study of how life on Earth couldhave arisen from inanimate matter. This is also referred to as the"primordial soup" theory of evolution. On earth evidence is clearlife began in water, such as some w ( Full Answer )

How did life originate?

The study of the origin of life from non-life through natural means is called abiogenesis. Many people reject a natural origin of life due to religious beliefs. In general, abiogenesis says that, once conditions on Earth were just right, the building blocks of life were able to form. Energy from ( Full Answer )

What is hypothesis for origin of life on earth?

if your not religious, comets brought ice, the ice melted and then with other compounds, elements, and heat life came to be or maybe from deep ocean vents where there isn't light but there is heat and the inards of earth\n. \nSome believe God made the whole earth, however their are many theories. I ( Full Answer )

Theories of the origin of life?

the 2 mains theories are the creationist and the evolutionist theories. the evolutionist theories says that there was a huge bang in space that created all the planets, then there was a zap of lightning which created a puddle with a single in it, that cell then made more cells which eventually crawl ( Full Answer )

Theories on the origin of life?

one theory is that we evolved from chimp-like animals that would travel in groups and the females would switch groups every so often as to not cause imbreeding

What is the origin of the term Life of Riley?

This phrase originated in a popular song of the 1880s, "Is That Mr. Reilly?" by Pat Rooney, which described what its hero would do if he suddenly came into a fortune.

When do you believe life on earth originated?

All we have is a big window when it happened - and no way to prove one way or another how it happened. Let's look. The earth formed a long, long time ago. Billions of years. We have bulletproof radiometric evidence that almost no one who understands radiometric dating disputes that the earth is a ( Full Answer )

What are the 3 theories on the origin of life?

Answer . One theory is that a creator god, perhaps God, Ahura Mazda, Brahma or some other creator god, created the first life on earth. Some believe that God created life in all the forms we now have, while others believe that the present life forms evolved from the first divine beginnings.. A s ( Full Answer )

How life originated?

There are actually quite a few opinions on how exactly lifeoriginated. A very interesting and intriguing concept is the BigBand Theory concept.

What is origin of life?

It starts the male sex cell, or sperm fuses with the female sex cell, the egg. This then becomes the first cell, or in other words, the first form of life. This single cell then divides or multiplies into a bag of cells. After that, it continues the divide and multiply, making it grow in size and sl ( Full Answer )

An essay on the origin of life on earth?

The Earth is one of eight major planets and a host of minor planets that circle a fairly average, middle-aged, main-sequence star. It formed from the accretion of residual material from the gravitational collapse of the solar nebula that produced the Sun. Based on their specific distances from the S ( Full Answer )

What are your thoughts on the origin of life?

Evolution obviously occurred. We have fossil stromatolites dating back more than 3 billion years old. Marine multicellular organisms date back about 700 million years. The evidence for the gradual evolution of life over the past 700 million years is clear and abundant. The really big question at ( Full Answer )

4 theories for the origin of life?

Answer: Evolution is not a theory regarding the origin of life. It is a theory that explains how simple organisms over time diverged into the wide variety of species we find today. Two theories are: -Intelligent Design - Religious explanation stating that a higher power made life. -Abiogenes ( Full Answer )

What are the Buddhism origins of life?

Buddhism sees little value in pondering unanswerable and contentious questions like is there a god, or how did life or the universe start. The time we have in each life should be spent considering our path towards enlightenment and the attainment of Nirvana.

What life forms first originated on earth?

We have fossils, so to speak, in rocks that are about 3.5 billion years old. Some form of simple prokayote in filamentous strings. Impressions left in sedimentary rock.' Still there must have been life before this, but the evidence is implied genetics and not all that firm. Possible a form of rep ( Full Answer )

What era did life originate?

When life originated on Earth is still a hotly debated in science. The evidence available was from already fairly complex bacteria. These bacteria must have evolved from more simple life forms but little or no evidence exists to confirm this. The first conclusive evidence for life comes from the N ( Full Answer )

What modern ideas was the first step in the origin of life?

ans2. Possibly associated with the hot waters of an undersea black smoker or other hydrothermal vent. There is energy source, climate, and food supply to support life IF it came along! But as to the biochem - someone better qualified is needed.

Why was there no ozone layer when earth life first originated?

There was no ozone layer in the very beginning because the processof photosynthesis had to build it up over a long time. The ozone layer built up starting over 2 billion years ago, and wasdense enough (with enough ozone to protect biological organismsfrom lethal UV light) by about 600 million years ( Full Answer )

Where did life first originate?

On Earth One must remember that God made all things spiritually before He made them physically and placed them upon the earth.

When and where it first originated?

FIFA was founded in Paris on 21 May 1904; the French name and acronym remain, even outside French-speaking countries. The founding members were Belgium, Denmark, France, Holland, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. It's first president was Robert Guérin.

How did life originate on the surface of the Earth?

Scientists don't have an answer for this question yet. But there are hypotheses that a simple self replicating molecule arose in the primeaval soup of the ancient earth probably by sheer chance, in the likelihood of around 1 in a billion. Of course sheer luck isn't a very good explanation, since 1 i ( Full Answer )

What was the first step in the origin of life?

It depends on what u believe in theres the bible and theres science..... Scientist say that an asteroid hit the moon causing a big chunk to come off, all the space matter and that chunk started to form earth. on earth there was a bunch of volcanoes and it was very hot, water started to form in a ho ( Full Answer )

Is the origin of life result of a miracle?

Evolution can be a tricky subject and trust me it's even trickier for me just being 13yrs old but i picture it like this: i wonder why most of the population on this planet believe in god(s), when i ask this, my reply is either "do not question the existence of god(s)" or "because that's what people ( Full Answer )

What is the scientific theory of the origin life?

(this one is a long one) It is belived that life started due to a combination of chemicals that reacted when the lightning on earth struck the newly forming oceans repeatedly. The reaction of the electric spark, the extreme heat, and the combination of elements in the water reacted to create some o ( Full Answer )

What is the different theories about origin of life?

Theories of origin of life are entirely independent of Evolution. There is much speculation except that it is known to have occurred about 3.5 billion years ago, shortly after the earth's crust solidified and cooled enough for life to exist. Some of the speculations are: . Tide pools . Clay cata ( Full Answer )

How does life originate?

it all began 3 billion years ago, and people believe it started in the sea. not really. it began with the sea forming rock pool on the land and using the suns energy came a chemical reaction that formed small, small organisms (base of life) and was soon swept into the sea to evolve farther, and be ( Full Answer )

How life originated earth?

No matter what theory you believe is correct. God created life and the Universe. Answer: There are many potential routes that could result in life being initiated on Earth. One of these is the process of abiogenesis, the creation of life by increasingly complex chemical reactions. alternate expl ( Full Answer )

How life originated on planet earth?

Scientifically speaking, the molecules of the very first single-celled organism on Earth randomly bonded together and this arrangement of molecules felt the need to eat and reproduce, most likely a form of asexual reproduction. Eventually several of these single-celled organisms were swimming around ( Full Answer )

How life originated on land?

Read the book of Genesis 1:1-35. Day 6. Or do your own research on how perplexing the Cambrian Explosion is to most evolutionists.

Is Rna part of the origins of Life?

Wow! Great Question! Short Answer is Yes. Longer Answer is Yes - They have produced in the lab solutions of Rnas that have self-assembled into self-replicating systems.

How life was first originated in earth?

This is a question that has not been answered and may never be answered. Even when life can be synthesized in the laboratory we won't know if the method used is the same method nature used.

Why is DNA important to the origin of life?

DNA's ability to "self"-replicate allowed life to continue from the first cell through each organism's every cellular-division (mitosis/meiosis) up until present day life. It can be though of as a torch like at the Olympics (except for real) where the flame never goes out, just allowed to ignite mor ( Full Answer )

What did The Life of Timon of Athens originate from?

Shakespeare's sources are a bit obscure for this somewhat mysterious play. A dialogue by Lucian called Timon the Misanthrope and the life of Timon of Phlius, a real philosopher, have been suggested, not very convincingly. It could be a story that Shakespeare made up.

What are the 10 theories on the origin of life?

10. Tribal and Mythological Though not strictly scientific from our modern definition, ancient lore was believed to be a scientific belief in their day, as it attempted to explain what was observed. From the tribes of ancient times to the mythologies of more modern cultures, there are countless st ( Full Answer )

What do Christians believe about the origin of life?

Usually people think very short-sighted about this thing we call'LIFE'. Regarding the ORIGIN of LIFE: Jehovah's Witnesses as Christiansbelieve that LIFE 'has always been', because Jehovah God has alwaysbeen. Jehovah God is ETERNAL in both directions, He has nobeginning of life. Then at some point i ( Full Answer )

How did life on Earth originate?

Scientific hypotheses Most experts today agree that the most likely origin for life on Earth is a series of biochemical processes taking place on pre-biotic Earth, possibly but not necessarily involving complex organic molecules formed in space. There is not yet a single definitive model for how ( Full Answer )

Why are metals in the origin of life?

Without metals, there wouldn't be any advancement in technology as well as advancement in the overall health of human beings.

Who sings the original life of the party?

In 2005 justin beiber wrote the life of the party and sings it originally. Shawn mended recently wrote a cover to it and now the song is popular.

Origin of life according to Hinduism?

Lord Brahma the creator of this world gave birth to thousand of hissons and life began from there. But all of these sons were divertedtowards meditation & yoga. Thus some alos beleive that lifestarted from Manu also son of brahma.