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The first Mormon pioneers arrived in Salt Lake City in 1847. Groups continued to travel the Mormon Trail to Salt Lake City until the railroad came through in 1869. After that, most traveled by train to get to Salt Lake City. After World War I, Mormon converts were encouraged to stay in their home cities or nations rather than travel to Salt Lake City.

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Q: When did the mormons journey to the grate salt lake take place?
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Why did Young feel satisfied after the Mormons journey west?

When Brigham Young saw the Great Salt Lake Valley he recognized it as a place he had seen in a dream and concluded that it was the place God intended for His people.

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What is the capital that is cut by a grate lake?

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What is the bigst grate lake?

The Biggest Great Lake is Lake Superior.

Locate a large lake in Utah and what is its name?

grate salt lake

5 grate lakes?

Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario

Is salt lake city grate?

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What is the link between the Mormons and the Salt Lake and Salt Lake City?

The Mormons traveled to Utah and settled in the Salt Lake Valley. They established the city Salt Lake City.

Where did the Mormons finally relocated to?

The Mormons traveled for 17 years in search of a place where they could practice their religion in relative peace. They found this place in the Great Basin of the Rocky Mountains - what is now Salt Lake City. While Church headquarters remains in Salt Lake City today, there are over 15 million Mormons living all over the world.

What successes did the Mormons have at Salt Lake?

When the Mormon Pioneers migrated to Salt Lake City Utah, Brigham Young, the prophet received a revelation from God that he should construct a temple there...the Salt Lake Temple. It is the place Mormons make sacred covenants with the Lord. It truly is a blessing.

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How were the Mormons able to survive the journey to Salt Lake City?

They had determination and commitment. They learned how to work together and kept the faith in God and His son Jesus Christ.

Who was the leader of mormons who lead them on trek to the Great Salt Lake?

Brigham Young was the leader who led Mormons on a trek to Salt Lake.

When did Mormons settle at the Great Salt Lake?

The first Mormons arrived to settle in the Great Salt Lake on July 24, 1847.

Why were the Mormons able to settle successfully at the Great Salt Lake?

The Mormons were able to settle successfuly at the Great Salt Lake due to their faith, strength, steadfast determination to settle together in a place where they would not be persecuted for their religious beliefs and where the lord wanted them to be.

What did the Mormons build at Salt Lake City?

Salt Lake City

Which part of Canada is very mountainous?

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Which city did the Mormons in Utah found?

Salt Lake City was the city that the Mormons founded in Utah.

In which state of the US is Grate Salt Lake Located?

The Great Salt Lake is located in the state of Utah.

Why did the Mormons choose to settle in Salt Lake Valley?

The Mormons were given information concerning the Salt Lake valley from Father Pierre DeSmet, a Belgian Catholic Missionary who traveled the west before the Mormons were ever even there. Through his description of the area the Mormons decided to move there.

Who were the Mormons why did they move west and where did they settle?

The Mormons were a religious group founded by Joseph Smith. They moved west because other religions were prosecuting them and they needed a new place where they wouldn't be bothered. They first went to Salt Lake. That is where Brigham Young said "This is the place."

Do Mormons completely control Salt Lake City?


Why did Mormons move West?

Because they were being persicutedThe mormons moved west mainly because the government and mobs kept threatening them. So joesph smith got a prompting from god to move west is was a very difficult journey but they finally made it to the salt lake vally

What path did the Mormons take from New York to salkt lake city?

The Mormons went from Palmyra, NY to Kirtland, OH to Navoo, IL to Salt Lake City, UT