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There was never an official decree or proclamation, but according to it was "during World War II."

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Is saluting like Hitler illegal in Germany?

Yes it is. In Germany It is illegal to have a picture of Hitler, a Nazi Flag, swastikas, ect. It is Illegal to do anything that is relating to Nazism.

What did Germans say when they stuck their hand up?

A German soldier/sailor/airman when saluting would say "Heil Hitler" .

What army did Adolf Hitler join?

In the First World War, Adolf Hitler joined the Bavarian Reserves, earning himself an Iron Cross. In WW2, he pledged his allegiance to Nazi Germany as their leader.

What did Hitler do to the German armed forces when he gained power?

The biggest thing was that all wearing a military uniform had to swear allegiance to him, NOT the nation.

How did Hitlers death affect the end of World War 2?

WW2 would have ended much as it did irrespective of Hitler committing suicide or not: The important factor is that the death of Hitler did release the Germans from their oath of allegiance to him.

How are gaddafi and Adolf Hitler similar?

Both hitler and gaddafi for the evil things they done, gaddafi and hitler killed inicent people for no reason

How where Hitler and Saddan similar?

He followed Hitlers guidelines

Why did Hitler want German to look similar?

Hitler wanted to create what he felt was the "perfect human race"

What was the Political-Economic System used by Hitler and Mussolini demanded total allegiance from the citizens and controlled every aspect of their lives?

Fascism is the Answer.

How were Hideki Tojo and Adolf Hitler similar in the years before World War?

They both strengthened their country's militaries.

What was the oath of Hitler?

The oath of Hitler or the Hitler oath was a pledge of allegiance that the German soldiers were to be sworn by during the "Third Reich" from the start of the 1930's and until the war ended in 1945. It meant that they were sworn loyalty to Hitler. Both soldiers and officers and many civilians were sworn under this oath. I apologize for my poor north European English. :)

Did Hitler save Germany from a crisis?

Hitler successfully saved Germany from a economic crisis similar to the American Great Depression.

What is similar about Hitler and Charlie Chaplin?

Mustache although Chaplin's was painted on

How were Mussolini and Hitler similar?

Mussolini and HitlerHitler was a fan of Mussolini but he put his own spin on Fascism. Mussolini was fired by his party in Italy and no one in Germany would have dared to try that with Hitler.They were similar in the way that they both wanted to take over a certain country and eventually take over the world. Also they were both watchful over the League of Natons. They are also similar in the way that they both lost and they both died in the end of all their chaos.

What did Hitler do as a spy?

Hitler was never a spy, but he was a private during WWI, earning him two Iron Crosses (German Medal similar to the Purple Heart)

What two major events ensured Hitler of total control of Germany prior to World War 2?

The two major events that allowed Hitler to gain total control of Germany prior to World War 2 was the following: 1. After the death of Von Hindenburg, Hitler was able to be both Chancellor and President of Germany. This was vital. It's importance cannot be over estimated. Prior to the death of Von Hindenburg, Hitler was yes, Chancellor. But that meant he had the top position in the German Government. Hitler maneuvered to hold the office of President which gave him the top position of the German State. This position meant that while Von Hindenburg held the position of President, he could in fact order the Army to simply remove Hitler from the position of Chancellor. ( naturally there would need to be a reason, but there was reason enough, such as Hitler's suppression of a free press & more) 2. Hitler managed to do what even Bismarck was not able to do. Namely the Army swore allegiance to Hitler personally. ( A deal had been struck of course ) Looking into ancient history, Augustus Caesar, accomplished the same thing. The Roman legions did not swear allegiance to the Roman State, they swore allegiance to Augustus personally.

In what ways were Hitler and Stalin similar?

They were both right-wing conservative dictators with moustaches.

How was Pol Pot similar to Hitler?

They were both cruel and killed lots of innocent people.

Could a leader similar to Hitler could obtain and come to power in the US today?


Did Hitler marry a woman?

Hitler was never married in the normal sense of the word, no clergyman officiated, even his Gal Friday, Hanna Reitsche, never referred to Eva Braun as ( Frau Hitler) or something similar.

Why was Hitler called the Firer?

Hitler was not called the "Firer," he was called the "Führer" which is German for leader, derived from the verb führen, similar to the latin 'ferre', meaning 'to lead'."

What was the name of the military branch that consisted of children trained by Hitler?

Hitler Youth was an organization similar to the Boy Scouts. However, when manpower shortage became an issue during the war, the Hitler Youth were formed into fighting units.

How were Adolf Hitler Benito Mussolini and Joseph Stalin similar?

all of them like to kill people

How were Anne Frank and Adolf Hitler similar?

The only similarity between them is that they lived in the same time.

What does schutzenfest mean?

hitler diehitler diehitler dieIt's the name of a German Festival. It's very similar to Octoberfest. I t translates in English as Shooting Fest, a celebration of shooting guns, and drinking alcohol.