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seventeen eighty three

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Why did the Thirteen colonies win in the American Revolutionary War?

they didnt win.....the americans won bvecause they had freedom and rights from the declaration ofn independance that thomas jefferson signed.

What war did the colonies fight with England to win their independence?

The Revolutionary War, 1775-1783.The American Revolutionary War.

What colonies won in the Revolutionary War?

It was more of a draw than a win.

Was the french really the cause of the colonies wining the revolutionary war?

The French joined in to get back at England, but guerrilla warfare may have got the colonies to win the revolutionary war.

What helped the continental army win the revolutionary war?

France aided the Colonies.

Did the british win the Revolutionary War?

they didnt win the revolutionary war

In which war did the American colonies win their independence from england?

The Revolutionary War, also known as the American Revolution (1775-1783)

What European country signed a Treaty of Alliance with the colonies helping the patriots win the Revolutionary War?

The Kingdom of France.

Did Britain help America win in the revolutionary war?

Britain did not help America win the Revolutionary War.

Did the lobsterbacks win the Revolutionary War?

no the lobsterback did not win the war theBritish king sent them to make sure they wouldn't go to the land what thirteen colionts so we wanted the war so we can go to the land and we won the lobsterbacks lost

What did the proclamation of 1763 do to win the revolutionary war?

what did the proclamation do to win the war

What if America won the Revolutionary war?

America did win their Revolutionary War, or what is called "the War of Independence".

What will America win after the Revolutionary War?

After the Revolutionary War America won freedom from Britain.

Who did the US win independence from at the end of the Revolutionary War?

At the end of the Revolutionary War, the United Kingdom of Great Britain recognized the independence of its 13 colonies on North America south of Quebec and Ontario as the United States of America.

What country helped the patriots win the revolutionary war?

Multiple Countries helped the patriots win in the Revolutionary War. Mostly France helped.

What war did the US win to gain your freedom?

Revolutionary War

How did you win the war?

we won the revolutionary war by defeting the british!!!!!!!

What war did the colonists fight to win their independence?

the revolutionary war

Did Trenton win the Revolutionary War?


How was John Hancock important in the revolutionary war?

he signed the declaration of independence and he helped win the revolutionary war

Why was the battle of saratoga considered the turning point of the war?

The Battle of Saratoga was considered the turning point of the Revolutionary war. This battle was the first major win for the colonies and improved morale.

What war did George Washington win?

The Revolutionary war. The french and indian war

How would life be different if England would have lost the revolutionary war?

England did win the American Revolutionary War.

Did Washington win the Revolutionary War?

George Washington did help to win the Revolutionary War. He was one of many commanders during the war. He helped capture the cities of New York and Philadelphia.

What year did the us win the Revolutionary War?

The war was over by 1781.