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Filing is different than paying. Many, many more people have to file and actually then get $ back, or end up paying no tax. Perhaps money withheld on earnings that then turn out to be low enough that no tax, (or not even a return) would have been due. Or through benefits the gov't provides, like the earned income credit.

One of the things that is a regular experience for tax experts is hearing people claim how smart they are and how they don't need (or just don't) file, when in reality they had refunds due them!

The more complete and droll answer is: Whether you have to file a tax return depends, in part, on your filing status, age, and gross income.

Please refer to the "Do You Have to File" section of the Form 1040 Instructions, Form 1040A Instructions, and Form 1040EZ Instructions to determine if you are required to file a tax return.

You must file a tax return if you had net earnings from self�employment of $400 or more. This is your total self-employment income less the expenses paid in operating your trade or business, multiplied by 92.35%. For more details, refer to Topic 554, Self�Employment Tax. For example a married couple, under age 65, generally is not required to file until their joint income reaches $16,400.

If you are an individual who may be claimed as a dependent on another person's return, you are subject to specific filing requirements. Refer to the instructions in your tax package or refer to Publication 929, Tax Rules for Children and Dependents, or Publication 501, Exemptions, Standard Deduction, and Filing Information, for the filing requirements for dependents.

You must file a tax return if you received any amount of advance earned income credit payments from your employer during the year, or if you owe any taxes, such as:

* social security tax and Medicare tax on tips or group life insurance, * alternative minimum tax, * tax on qualified retirement plans including an Individual Retirement Account, or other tax-favored account, * tax from recapture of an education credit, investment credit, low income housing credit, federal mortgage subsidy, qualified electric vehicle credit, or the native American employment credit.

Special filing requirements may apply to U.S. citizens who are residents of Puerto Rico or who have income from U.S. possessions. Refer to Publication 570 for additional information. Residents of Puerto Rico should select Topic 901.

Generally, you must file a tax return if you are a nonresident alien with income from sources in the United States. For more information on nonresident aliens, select Topic 851.

Even if you are not required to file a tax return, file a return if you are due a refund.

If you did not file a return for a previous year and you were required to do so, refer to Topic 153. If you need help determining which form to file, refer to Topic 352.

Answeryou pay taxes at any age.other wise the rich holliwood kids will pass it and every milioner will putt its business on the name of his kids and will skip taxes.for every buck you make no mather of age you have to pay I am not profesional


Distribution of wealth has not changed since the days of kings and monarchs, essentially, a few 1% have most of it, while the middle class works and pays taxes so the wealthy can get wealthier. The rich control the poor, always is, always will...Social Sciences is truly scarey.

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Q: When do you have to start paying taxes and is there a certain age you have to reach or do you have to make a certain amount of money?
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