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Anytime you want to put it in. I leave mine in over the winter, under the pool cover, and ocassionally run it.

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Q: When do you put in an automatic pool cleaner?
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Rent automatic pool cleaner in Houston?

you cant

What is best automatic robot pool cleaner?

Dolphin Brand dx4

Where can you rent an automatic pool cleaner?

you can buy 1 where ever you look

Can you use Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner in a swimming pool?

No, under no circumstances should one use bowl cleaner in a pool. Why, did someone take a dump in the pool?

What would a Polaris 280 be used for?

A Polaris 280 is a pool cleaner. It is an automatic in ground pool cleaner that you plug in and hook up to a dedicated pressure line for easy pool maintenance.

Find a company that has parts for the polaris pool cleaner?

What are the best in-ground automatic pool cleaners?

"Kreepy Krauly" "Pool Vac" "Pool Cleaner" Your traditional automatic pool floor cleaners are not bad however they only clean the bottom of the pool and do nothing to keep the water clean. For an automatic pool cleaner that stops the water from getting dirty in the first place and sanitizes the the surface of the water where the greatest risk to health is have a look at the Dragonfly Super Skimmer.

Can you use an inground pool alarm while the Letro automatic pool cleaner is functioning?

Try searching Pentair Pool Products. k

Can an old pool vacuum system be shut down and the cleaning replaced with an automatic robotic cleaner?

Yes, but get a pool technician to do it.

How to install a pool booster pump?

For what purpose is the pump going to be used? Ken I want to install an automatic pool cleaner and I am supposed to have one.

How do you vacuum a dough-boy pool?

Like any other above ground pool, maunally with a hose, pole and vacuum, or with an automatic cleaner.

What do I need to maintain a Saltwater pool?

Lots of pool salt, some acid, a little sunscreen, and a good automatic cleaner. Plus a salt water chlorinator.

What is a local company that parts for the Polaris pool cleaner?

not sure where you are, but we ship parts all over the country:

How do you chlorinate while on vacation?

You have a pool person come in or put in a floating pool cleaner with a timer set each day to chlorinate the pool.

Pool Cleaner?

form_title= Pool Cleaner form_header= Keep your pool sparkling blue with a cleaner! What is square footage of the pool?*= _ [50] How often do you have the pool cleaned?*= _ [50] Do you have children or pets?*= () Yes () No

Where can you buy a swimming pool vacuum cleaner in Philippines?

Crystal Blue Enterprise Inc. has two options for you. First is the automatic cleaner and the second one is the manual vacuum that is connected to the motor/filter. Crystal Blue Enterprise Inc. offers pool services and merchandises pool equipment and accessories.

What cycle do you put your pump on for an automatic pool cleaner?

I use filtration. But I also have a dedicated jet for my Polaris. If you do not have enough pressure try recirculate or try blanking one of your jets off. Either should work

What is the Best pool above ground cleaner?

Have a look at the Dragonfly pool cleaner.

How do you get your pool cleaner to clean all the pool?

Simply state your interpretation of "cleaning the pool" to the cleaner and if not completed to your satisfaction = no pay.

What is an Automatic Pool Cover?

An Automatic Pool Cover is an automatic pool cover system that covers and uncovers a pool automatically. The Auto Pool Reel is similar to manual pool cover and reel but fully automatic. No manual effort is required just push a button.

Are there any tricks to skimming the leaves off the top of a swimming pool?

You could get yourself a floating swimming pool skimmer. They hook up the same way as an ordinary automatic pool cleaner.They are an Australian pool cleaner known as either the dragonfly supper skimmer. or the pulse surfase cleaner. they are also available from a place in Texas dragonfly floating pool skimmer. othewise you have to use a net

How long does a liquid pool cleaner usually take for an above ground pool?

Hummmm, please explain to us what a liquid pool cleaner is.

Which is cleaner pool or beach water?

Beach water is cleaner.

What size pool cleaner do you need for a pool 15x27x6?

A 15x27x6 foot cleaner should work Hope it helps!

Will the spray from your saltwater pool cleaner harm your plants?

I don't think there is such a thing as a "SALTWATER POOL CLEANER". You may have a pool cleaning device that works in either a salt pool or a standard no salt pool.