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i believe it will be in my lifetime..

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Why is NASA sending astronauts to live on the moon?

NASA is not sending astronauts anywhere except Earth orbit. There are no plans to colonize the moon, nor is there a rational reason to do so, nor is it economically feasible to do.

Why did people want to colonize on the moon and mars?

People want to colonize the moon and mars because: 1. We need more moon cheese. 2. We need more chilly powder from Mars Hope I helped.

Where the cans of cola go?

NASA sends them to the dark side of the moon hope this helps :)

Is NASA faking going to the moon?

No, NASA really did go to the moon.

Was the program that first sent people to the moon?

The first program was called NASA. NASA was the best and the first to send people like Apolo to the moon and to other planets. Hope I answered your question :)

Should you colonize the moon?


Where did NASA land on the moon?

in the middle of the moon

What is the name of the NASA missions that landed men on the moon?

The NASA missions which landed humans on the moon were called the Apollo Moon missions.

How do you colonize a moon in ogame?

Once you have a moon, it is yours. It is already colonised.

Why did NASA stop going to the moon?

NASA is actually planing to go to the moon again by the year 2013

Has NASA been operating a base on the moon for more thanm twenty years?

There is no NASA moon base.

Did the NASA space shuttle really land on the moon?

The space shuttle never landed on the moon, but other NASA spacecraft did.

What did NASA find on the moon?

When NASA landed on the moon, they found a number of things, including a colony or homosexuals and a herd of dinosaurs.

What is the most popular space station?

NASA is the most popular space station. NASA was the one who put the satellite in orbit and NASA has also sent the first mon the moon. NASA is located in Houston, Texas. It haves one of the most high technology in the industry. Hope this helpedd :)

How did Neil get to the moon?

In a rocket from NASA!

What does NASA plan to do?

return to the moon.

Who sent the astronauts to the Moon?

It was NASA.

Is NASA going to terriform the moon?


How many time did NASA astronauts go to moon?

I am not exactly sure about NASA and all of that. But, I know 12 men have walked on the moon.

Where does NASA go?

Sometimes the moon, but not always! NASA goes to space; the final frontier...

What did NASA find while they were bombing the moon?

water possibilities on moon

Are their Aztecs on the moon?

No Apart from NASA astronauts no humans have been on the moon.

When did we land the moon?

NASA landed on the moon on July 15 1969

What is the name of the spacecraft that Neil Armstrong flew to the moon on?

moon nasa

What did the NASA Apollo missions find on the Moon?

As the moon is a baren place, they found moon rocks.