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When first talking to a girl is there any type of clue as to whether she has a boyfriend and is there any question to coax it out of her?


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Usually girls will talk about their bfs, but if not ask something like "will your boyfriend mind if i buy you a drink/cup of coffee.."

also look for a piece of jewelry she wears everday, usually that means that it has special meaning to it so maybe it was from a bf, compliment it and then ask about it.


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Hun i totaly know how your feeling. I had to ask my boyfriend a question to do with my situation. He lives with his dad and i llive with my mum so i asked him the question "do you like living with your dad?" and he replied and we started talking about our personal issues and he opened up to me! Hope it works and if it doesnt the first time keep trying! Trust me it works but start with something small that they dont mind talking about then the big stuff!

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First get her to know him as a good friend. This is best if you arange it with your boyfriend first to meet somewhere everyone goes (so no spas) and you pretend to bump into him with your mum. Get them talking and later on ask what she thought of him(if she doesn't already say). If she likes him tell her a bit later that he is your boyfriend. If she doesn't like him ask her why?

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A voluntary action to a situation or a question, whether thought out first or as an instant response.

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