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This is more of a judgment call then a question. If you feel that the contractor didn't do a good job have them come back and correct the wrinkles, but small folds and wrinkles can easily be worked out if you spend a few minutes playing with them. We didn't have folds at first but after the first heavy rain we had some water under the liner in the shallow end and after the water subsided we were left with pretty hefty folds. These folds collect any and all bits of "dust" and small bugs or whatever else lands in it. It doesn't "hurt" to have the folds there but it is unsightly and isn't great to have to walk on it when swimming. Would you except folds in carpet after a new carpet was installed?? The installer or builder should remove or replace at his cost.. If the liner had no wrinkles at install then it was a good install. The installer should have a good idea of soil content or drainage in the yard. The wrinkles were not due to bad install. They were due to the water weight in the soil out weighing the water in the pool. Either the pool was not completely full or the yard has a serious drain issue. Either way the wrinkles will continue to come back after a heavy rain storm if the drainage issue is not addressed. The first time is FREE. The second time is a nice gesture. The third time and any time after that is on the homeowners expense.

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Q: When having a vinyl liner replaced are a few small folds and wrinkles in a corner acceptable?
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