When he says he loves you and buys you gifts from Tiffany's but tells you he needs space does that mean he is cheating?

more than likely hes chaeting on you. hes just trying to buy your love and buy himself time away from you. he wants you around so he buys you things, but he says he needs space b/c he wants to go out and do whatever he wants. he wants his cake and he wants to eat it too. don't let him he is just wasteing your time. your too good for games! Yep. He is cheating on you. That's not a "gift" its a "bribe". Not always... most probably he is not cheating. A man just like a woman, needs space. If you are always too close to him, he will revolt or make excuses or find ways to stay away from you. A man needs spare time where he can be with his friends or think about something (sometimes issues). Give him enough space and he will always be (happily) with you.