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what year model is it. Threr was a recall on some GM products that had a cracked abs housing causing mosture in the module. Please take it asap to your local dealer and have the system test. ABS faliure is a major problem.

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โˆ™ 2006-07-02 03:14:49
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Q: When in the rain your airbag and ABS lights come on and your on board computer and radio shut off is this a sensor?
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Airbag Computer Repair?

form_title=Airbag Computer Repair form_header=After an accident, the on-board computer that determines when the air bags deploy might also need to be fixed. Describe the nature of the accident:=_ Were the airbags deployed?= () Yes () No Are there any error lights on the dashboard?= () Yes () No

Will the lights on the dash come on if your computer board is bad?

yes they should.

What is wrong with a 1995 dodge neon when all the dash board lights are not working but none of the fuses look blown the seat belt light works though?

I have a 1995 neon dodge and my dash lights will not come on or my tail lights and every time i change the airbag fuse and turn on the car the airbag fuse blows.

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Dome light and floor board lights in 94 ford probe won't go off?

The dome light and floor lights on a 94 Ford Probe will not go off if the door is open or the door sensor has not been tripped. The lights can be manually turned off but the sensor should be checked for defects.

How do you turn off the light on dash board of an airbag in 94 tercel?

check your fuses or re-connect the airbag

How do you know if you need to replace an oxygen sensor?

You will know, You'll get a fault code on your (OBC) on board computer system.

What do the signs on the Toyota spacio computerized dash board mean?

The signs indicate the status of the airbag, lights, and cruise control. By using the computerized dashboard, you will know if the air bag is on or off. You will know if you are using your high beam or low beam lights.

Where is the jimmy 2000 airbag light?

At the dash board manometer.

Do ur tail lights go out when ur dash board lights go out?

Yes, your tail lights will go out when your dash board lights go out.

Where is the etc sensor mazda6 2005?

The ETC sensor on a 2005 Mazda 6 is located on top of the engine near the rear. It is connected to the vehicle's on-board computer with a wiring harness.

Why does the Furnace flame go out and blow cold air. When I switch it off and let it reset it will work fine.?

Could be a bad computer board or flame sensor. If you have to keep resetting it-the computer board is more likely the problem.

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What do each of the dash board lights on a jeep liberty represent?

Its hard to list them all but some examples are: parking brake on, overdrive off, stability control off (2006 only), airbag service, tire pressure problem, etc etc. You can see what many of them mean when you turn the key to "accessory", many of the lights light up for a few seconds before starting. either read your owners manual or if your question is why do it turn on then what happens is a sensor acts like a limit switch when something is not what it is supposed to be then the sensor sends a signal to the computer and the puter does many things but the 2 you need to know about is 1. the light brings attention to you that something is different or wrong. 2. a code is put into the OBCII computer for diagnosis by you or a tech.

What is found in a computer scanner?

They usually contain either a contact image sensor or a charge coupled device and a means to move the sensor or optics pointed at the sensor. There would also be a light source as well in the case of the CCD technology. Then there would be a circuit board to make sense of the signals and send it to the computer.

2002 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer dash board lights?

Need to know what about the dash board lights.

Where are the front airbag sensors located on 98 dodge ram 2500?

The main sensor is located in the cab beneath the dash board on the transmission hump in a box. It's able to be seen without removing anything.

How do you change the dash board lights on a 1995 Mercury Tracer?

How do you change dash board lights on a 1995 Mercury Tracer.

Wont start with new fuel pump on 1988 dodge ram van?

Check the engine sensors. I changed all the engine sensors on my 1996 Dodge Ram Van and it vehicle only started when I changed the Flywhel sensor on the bellhousing and it was also the cheepest sensor to buy. My auto mechanic scanned the on board computer but this did not show up the problem sensor. he had a spate of Chrysler group vehicles in with this same problem and it turned out to be the Flywheel sensor and for some reason Chrysler do not put this sensor into the on board computer checking system and did not show a fault code on the OBD.

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The main circuit board of the computer is the motherboard.

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Where is the Dash board lights fuse of ford mondeo 2002 lx

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No... The main circuit board in a computer is referred to as the mother-board. The microprocessor is one chip on the mother-board, and is often referred to as the 'brains' of the computer.

Why do you see a picture of the airbag on the dashboard?

to warn you that if you hit the dash board with a certain amount of force than the airbag will be let loose. Also, if anything goes wrong with the car and you need to get to the airbag for any reason, you know where it is.

How do you replace the on board computer on a club car golf cart?

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How do you replace dash lights on 99 Honda accord?

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