When is a girl ovulating?

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The week after her period

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Do you mean how can you get a girl pregnant? If so, you have unprotected sex with her when she is ovulating and hope for the best

If she has unprotected sex while she is ovulating, then she can become pregnant.

most likely when she is ovulating.

it means that your ovulating. which is part of being a girl. no difference...

she is noramally grouchy and also why dont u ask her

If she has started ovulating she could get pregnant from intercourse.

How do you know when you are ovulating?

The age that a young girl starts ovulating varies for each girl. Girls start puberty at different ages. The average age is around 11 years old, but it can range from 9 years old to 16 years old.

A girl can become pregnant usually after puberty. This is because of her menstrual cycle. She must be ovulating though in order for her to conceive (become pregnant). Some women can have periods without ovulating so that would be the most important thing is that she ovulates.

How do I know when I am ovulating

blood comes out of her uterine lining. so she will have to wear tampons to catch the blood.

Yes, she is ovulating and unprotected sexual intercourse would result in a pregnancy.

While ovulating is precisely the time you can get pregnant.

Flow is a sign that the girl is not pregnant yet, but ovulating, or producing eggs every month. These eggs can be fertilized, and she can become pregnant.

No you have to be ovulating to get pregnant. That only happens maybe once or twice a month depending on the women.

Only if she is ovulating, which may mean she has a period, and most 10 year olds do not.

If the kids have gone through puberty, if the girl is ovulating and the boy is producing sperm, yes they can get pregnant.

Yes, there's always a small chance to get pregnant by pre-cum.

A thirteen year old girl can get pregnant if she has started ovulating and has unprotected sex.

If you are not ovulating at all, you will not have a period.

No. If you're not ovulating you can't get pregnant. But 'not of ovulating age' doesn't mean anything. One 50 year old woman might not be ovulating anymore, but another might be

Yes if she have started ovulating. Not long ago a 9yo girl was raped and got pregnant in Brazil.

You start ovulating before you get your period and some girls do that as early as 10 so yes, it can happen.

Extremely high if the girl is ovulating. Pregnancy can occur even if there is no penetration.

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