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Q: When is the best time of the year to plant sunflower seeds?
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When is the best time to plant sunflower seeds?

In the Summer when it is warm.

When is best to plant sunflower seeds?

It is best to plant sunflowers in spring so they flower for summer. With the right care and maintenance it reappears every year around the same time. Link --->>

Can human being eat the sunflower seeds?

Do you mean, can human bieings eat sunflower seeds? if so then yes. I eat them all the time

When is the best time to plant pumpkin seeds so they will be ready in october?


A sunflower plant changes with age or?


When is the time to harvest sunflower seeds?

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What is the best time to plant watermelon seeds in southern California?

April - June.

Are sunflower seeds poisonous?

Nope. Just don't take them from strangers... ther IS a chance they are poisoned XD. I eat sunflower seeds all the time. And im not dead yet so...

How do you collect seeds from a sunflower to plant?

Harvest the heads when they have dried off and allow them to further dry for a week nor two in a dry place. You can extract the seeds by rubbing the heads together to dislodge the seeds. Picking them out individually is too time consuming. Only seeds from a non-hybrid plant will grow well the next year. Also avoid seeds that seem hollow inside.

Does the indoor temperature effect the growth of the sunflower seeds?

Only in some tempetures, a sunflower seed needs sun and warth a sunflower does not do well in cold cloudy areas infact a sunflower has a really big chanse of dying in cold and cloudy areas. If a sunflower is in a cold cloudy place it will die because without sunshine a sunflower can't make food without food it will starve and if it starves it will die it also needs to be warm so if you want to plant a sunflower i'd do it in the summer were it is both sunny and warm. (sunflower seeds growth) A sunflower needs to be healthy and in a good enviorment were it is sunny and warm to produce full grown and healthy seeds. In a indoor enviorment when summer it is a good time to put a sunflower i sugjest by the window were the sun is most likely to get all the sun it needs. :)

What is the best time to plant watermelon seeds in Minnesota?

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When is the best time to plant grass seeds?

Either in Spring or Autumn when soil is moist and the temperature is mild.