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When it is cold and on a level pavement One week after changing it, which should be every 3000 miles.

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Q: When is the best time to check the oil in your car?
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What is the best oil to use?

Is this for an automobile? It greatly depends on what kind of car you own. There is no BEST oil, however, there is a certain best oil for your certain car. The instruction manual lists the type of oil needed for your car. If you do not have / lost your manual, check online and search for your type of vehicle and what type of oil needed.

When you check oil in car is that transmission oil?

You can check the motor oil or the transmission fluid.

Ran car low on oil is their a reset?

no no no put oil in and hope the motor is ok. check the oil every time you fill up

Does engine have to be running when you add oil to your car?

no you check your oil with car off easier when car is cooled off

When should you check to see if fuel lines are in good condition?

Any time that you are under your car, like oil change time.

What is the best used car?

there is no such thing as a best used car cause people can take the car and totally dog it and make it be bad, taking a good car and making it bad... a good car is any that's easy on gas, that runs good, oil has been changed reguarly... Always check Mastercylinder on your used car (i got a car and didnt check it and i coulda died bringing it home cause brake hoses was leaking and mastercylinder was dry) check trans fluid levels... check oil, if the oil is really black that the owner has been neglecting the car. I could go on and on about buying used cars but use your best judgment, inspect everything and make sure the car is upto your satisfaction.

Do you check your oil when the car is hot?

Check the oil after the engine has not been run for at least 30 minutes.

You drive without oil engine knocks what should you do?

Work lots of over time to pay for a engine overhaul or junk the car and buy another car then check the oil once in a while.

Is it right time to check engine oil level when car engine is just stop?

No, check it after the engine has not been running for at least 15 minutes.

How much motor oil does your 2001 Malibu ls take?

it is best to go buy a gallon and just take sum time to check it as you pour it in slow... fill to the line... start yo car then check again chances are it went down too fill the oil filter if it's new... i have the same car and engine it pretty much takes one gal exactly... but using the dipstick is best

Why should you check your oil every time you fill your car?

If you car does not normally use any oil there is no need to check the oil level at every fill up. Checking it once a month will suffice. However if your car burns or leaks oil checking it at every fill up may be a good idea. Reason being you do not want to run an engine that is low of oil and take a chance on doing damage to the engine from low oil pressure.

Do you check the oil with the car on or off?

if you want a proper and accurate reading you need to check the oil with the end off and cold. the best time to check is in the morning before you go anywhere that way it has sat overnight and cooled off and settled back into the pan. if it's hot (recently run) not all the oil will be in the pan which can cause you to get a low reading when really it's at an ok level :-)

What motor oil is best regular or synthetic?

The best motor oil for you car depends on the car. Many old cars can only handle regular motor oil.

What is the Best oil for used cars?

there is no universal best oil for a used car. The oil required for your car is specified in the owner's manual, or you can do a google query on the make and model.

Can you put car oil in your motorbike?

Yes, you can. However, you have to make sure the viscocity is same as required in the motorbike. You have to check the number on the oil packing. Though, it's best if you use 2stroke oil for your motorbike.

What does it mean when the check gauges light comes on when you stop?

Check the oil level in the car.

Oil change do you need to thin the oil?

Whatever oil you buy for the car(check for recommended oil thickness)will do fine.

When should you change oil filter for a Honda civic 1999 lx?

Well the best time to change your oil filter is when you do the oil change to your car. Which is every 3 months.

Does a car have to be off when checkin the motor oil?

Yes, the engine must not be running and it should have been sitting on a level surface for at least 30 minutes before you check the oil level. Best to check it in the morning after the car has sat all night to get the most accurate reading, Warning: Do not overfill.

Why synthetic oil level decreases in car when its poured for the first time?

All oil levels decrease when first poured in and the car is started for the first time. This is because most people just spin on or drop in the filter. The filter itself holds a certain amount of oil. It is for this reason that it is required that you check the oil level when changing the filter.

Oil Check and smoke from the oil ck I looked at a car today and when I checked the oil there was smoke coming from the tube where the oil level stick goes in the car?

It probably did not have an oil change in a long, long, time and all that smoke coming out was the sludge left inside burning. Add oil and then drive it to a repair station to change the oil and filter.

You have a problem each time your car gets hot you leak oil all over the engine and under it on the oil pan?

Under the engine and on top of the oil pan? Well, it could be a oil pan gasket. Check 'er out.

Where is the best place to learn how to change the oil in my car?

One can learn how to change oil in a car from many sources. The best place to learn how is at a Driving School. One can ask a driver instructor for instructions on changing oil in a car.

Has your car been acting up?

If you car has been acting up, there are several things to check. Check the gas, the oil, and the transmission fluid.

What is oil capacity on 4-cylinder suburu?

Well that depends on what year it is and what engine it is, but the best way to find out for your car is to check the owners manual.