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right click on it, select "open with" select adobe acrobat reader from the list provided, and it should open in a readable format. You must have adobe acrobat reader installed in your pc, you may download it from adobe website if you don't have it.

2006-08-15 20:32:30
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Q: When opening any pdf file on the computer it opens in notepad as a series of unreadable letters and numbers How do you go about opening the pdf file so it is readable?
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Where are notepad files I can't find them in my computer file system?

Notepad files aren't something that just pop up on your system. You have to make them through the program called Notepad, which can be found at Start>All Programs>Accessories>Notepad. Once you have made the notepad document, you can save it somewhere on the computer, and then it is an editable Notepad file.

Where could one go for a used notepad computer online?

There is no such thing as a notepad computer. Another name for a laptop computer is a notebook computer. You can purchase a used one online from eBay and Amazon.

Can you recover a letter under notepad if the computer reboots?

No.When the computer reboots, the save areas are cleared. Additional, notepad has no recovery scheme similar to Office.

Your computer open any program with notepad?

what is the prob. of any prog. open with notepad plz reply me or tell me.

In which stores can one purchase a notepad computer?

One can purchase a notepad computer in a local computer store. If a local computer store doesn't have one, one could always purchase it from various websites like Amazon or eBay.

How do you change from capital letter to small letter in notepad?

You cannot convert existing text from capital letters to small letters in Notepad. What you could do is copy the text and paste into a word processor and do it there. For example, if you pasted it into Microsoft Word, then select it and press Shift - F3 to convert it between the different cases. Then copy and paste it back to Notepad when you have it all in capital letters.

Where can you find notepad on a windows computer?

Click "START", and select "Programs", then "Accessories". Both notepad and wordpad are in the accessories folder.

What is notepad?

Notepad is a basic text editor that is embedded in Microsoft Windows. A notepad is a number of sheets of paper that are glued or stapled together on one edge. They are used for writing letters or the interim recording of information.

Is the iPhone really a small computer?

It has Internet and a notepad. --------------------- Yes

How to open notepad in computer?

Notepad can be opened in a computer by performing following steps: Step 1 : Click on Start Program Step 2 : Select Program from the pop-up menu. Step 3 : Select Accessories from the drop-down menu. Step 4 : Click on Notepad from the drop-down menu. Thus, untitled notepad appears on the screen.

How do you copy text matter in notepad to the computer buffer?

press ctrl and V

How do you keep your password safe?

Remember them do not write them down on paper or on a notepad in your computer.

What is a program for HTML is?

I use notepad++ it color coats everything and is really nice. Just type in notepad++ in google and download it it doesnt harm the computer at all

What can a Trojan virus do to your computer?

Open 'Notepad' Type the word 'Virus' and save to your desktop calling it 'Virus.bat' Close notepad then double click on the virus icon on your desktop.

How you can createHTML?

1. Open Notepad 2. Type Html code in Notepad 3. Save Notepad on your computer 4. Open Internet explorer 5. Click "File" from menu bar 6. Select "Open" 7. Click Browse 8. Open your saved Notepad Page will be displayed.

How can you block orkut on your computer?

Restrict Accessing on your ComputerNavigate to Start >> Run on your computer. notepad c:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hostsEnter the following line in the Run field and hit Enter. orkut.comA notepad will pop up with some information in it. Add the following lines to the last line of that notepad . (Hit Enter and add the following code)

How do you remove write protection from an MP3?

open it up in an audio editor...i use audacity...if it wont open up in that, open it in notepad or something and there should be a short portion of readable text...delete it

Is there a way to get Yahoo Notepad via Yahoo Go?

You can save all Yahoo Notes to your computer with Asman Yahoo Notepad Capturer. Download from here: http:/

What does a police car have?

radio notepad pens computer speaker lights sirens citations cage

How do we use HTML in computer?

Simple, use notepad then get stuff started. Like <html> Cya

What are the different types of computer files?

Documents Word Notepad JPEG MPEG WAV ASP ETc these are the different types of computer files.

What is the difference between a computer program and a computer?

computer program/s are the software that you use in your computer. example of this are the computer games, paint, notepad and so on.... while computer is basically the hardware. the one that you can touch. computer process the computer programs that you use.

What is the most common type of software that computer programmers use?

Many programmers typically use basic text editing software such as Notepad++ or Notepad. These programs allow the programmers to code from scratch.

How do you type a paper if you don't have Microsoft Word?

There is Notepad and Wordpad that come on your computer. Microsoft Word has clip art and special things, but you can type a regualr document on wordpad. Wordpad is more like Word than Notepad. Like it's name, Notepad is really just for taking notes. People who make websites can use notepad to write their websites.

How do you log off a computer using notepad?

Open notepad, type "shutdown -s -t 60" without quotes and save it as "abc.bat" or anything with the extension as ".bat". Go to that location and open that file. You will get a warning saying that your computer will log off in the next minute.